Site is hacked

Getting spam on6this site..popup spam tries to take control of my device
@tlinkie Can you send me a ticket to Support?  at [email protected], attention: Tammy
As posted above, I also noticed a dramatic increase in the number of pop-up ads appearing on forum threads.  This started maybe 3 days ago.  

I placed my iPhone 10X IOS 12.2 on sleep mode and then cleared my Apps from memory, history and web site data.  It seemed to solve the problem.  

I emailed Audiogon Customer Support and they are reviewing.  Thanks.....

Just FYI, it could be your browser got hijacked. That happens too.
The phishing pop ups I get only occur when I access Agon. So, not the browser. 
I use Google Chrome with Adblocker and never have an issue with pop ups.
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Thank You for sharing. I use FireFox as well. It is a rare thing to see a pop-up in general. I use my home PC only.
I use Google Chrome with Adblocker and never have an issue with pop ups.


Highly likely you have your browser/computer hacked, nothing to do with this site.  I suggest you quit practicing unsafe computing :-)
I use safari along with Adblock on iPad . Samsung internet browser along with Adblock on my droid phone.

no worries 
An ATT ad popped up several times on my iPhone while only on this site. I had to close the browser window to regain access. I haven’t had an issue since using Ad Block Plus.
I see the ads but no popups on a clean cache of Safari on iPhone. 

I think this forum accepts ads for a little extra money. Pretty typical these days. I have my pop up blocker on.
I'm using Ghostery and Malwarebytes on a Win 10 machine with FF. Seems to work very well for pop-ups. Been running this set-up for a good 2 years or so.Scott
I had another spam related popup ad appear today on my iPhone 10X when browsing Audiogon forums.   I found these instructions for "Dealing with Safari popups that won't go away”:"

"There have been a rash of popups that appear to take over Safari on iOS devices. These can be announcements that you have won an Amazon gift card, or an iPhone, or a warning that your device is infected with a virus. If you could just dismiss them they would be only an annoyance, but many cannot be dismissed and keep recurring every time you go to any website. I won't go into how they do this (it involves JavaScript manipulation), but there is a solution that I will discuss here.

The best way to prepare is to install an ad blocker on your iOS device. There are several in the app store; all of them work. Which one to pick is an individual preference.
If you do see one of these "popups", tap in the address bar and just enter another URL, or tap on the overlapped boxes in the lower right and close the tab by tapping on the "x" in it. Whatever you do, don't tap anywhere in the popup or on the "close" button in the popup. It isn't a close button; it runs JavaScript code that inserts links that will be reused to allow the popup to stay in memory and display over and over. Too late for that? See the next section.

Apple has posted this tip regarding this problem: How to block pop-ups in Safari - Apple Support if it works, great, but the malefactors have found ways AROUND Apple's solution. The first thing to recognize is that these are really not popups; they are web pages designed to LOOK like popups. And to remove them you must remove the page references. Here is a way to remove this intrusive bit of adware. Try this:

  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Open Safari
  • Tap the overlapped squares in the lower right
  • Close every page by tapping the "x" in the left upper corner of the page
  • When there are no pages left press HOME (On an iPhone X series swipe up from the bottom edge) and wait a couple of seconds
  • Double-press HOME (On an iPhone X series swipe up from the bottom edge and pause)
  • Swipe up on the safari image to kill it (On an iPhone X series touch and hold Safari, then swipe up)
  • Press HOME again (On an iPhone X series swipe up from the bottom edge)
  • Go to Settings/Safari and tap "Clear History and Website data"
  • Turn off Airplane mode
  • This process works with the current state of intrusive adware”.

I hope this helps.    

I'm having the same issue on Android. I get redirected to a fake Youtube site.


Please Google spam related popups on Android.  You will see several posts for handling this.  

Please also report your spam popup issues to [email protected] 


I was reading a post in the Audiogon digital forum and received a popup spam message again. I was okay for a while but these popup spams started again the last few days. 

Someone mentioned these popups are web pages but I do not not know.  Please note these popup spans only appear when I am browsing Audiogon.  I get NO popups when browsing any other audio site or anything else.

My Safari popup blocker is on and so is my fraudulent web blocker. My iPhone IOS version is 12.2 and is the most current version.  

If anyone else is receiving these popup spam messages, please email Audiogon Customer Support at [email protected]