Site for Corrupt CD's

There is a site to list cd's that are watermarked and not labeled as such at - you can also list any that you know of that are not on the list. These are cd's that are encoded to not record via the digital mode.
Is the CD corrupt or the people making copies?
"corrupt cds'? That's redundant isn't it?
I agree if people are making copies to give away or sell then it is not right, but after laying down 12 - 19 bucks on a Cd and more for blanks that have built in royalty cost for such endeavors anyone should have the right to make mixes of their favorite cuts for their own listening pleasure done through the digital domain. If these people do not want this done the CD should be labeled as such to give us the option of purchasing it for mixes.
Unfortunitely it is the old case of a few bad apples ruining it for the rest of us. They copyguarded against cassette decks. Of course CD's copy a lot better with cheap equipment.