Sistrum users: any dents left?

I was thinking of getting a few Sistrum platforms and I am wondering just how big of a dent they will leave on the components. I have a very heavy tube amplifier that just screams for one of these units, but I can already see some nice little dents underneath. It shouldn't be a big deal since no one will see them.

I have all Sistrum stands- it all depends on the tensile strength/thickess of the metal bottom piece of your amp- if it's too soft/thin, may dent a bit more of an impression (my current ASL 1009 tube monoblocks), thicker/stronger (my previous SS Theta Dreadnaught), not a big deal, only small holes/indentations exactly where each point is placed. Sonically, it's worth it, and besides, who ever sees the bottom of the amp anyways?
If there is a concern about this, then there are some Sistrum coupling discs to protect against scratching. They can be used under the components, or to protect the floor under the rack or platform.