Sistrum SP-101 owners

I have the Sistrum speaker stands under my Audio Note J/SPe speakers. They smoked the Audio Note stands so bad that it was no contest. I really feel sorry for all AN speaker owners that have their speakers on AN stands.

So now I am interested on how the SP- 101 will sound under my TT and ASR Battery power supply.

Any geart results under power supply units?

I also bought 4 Audio Points (1.5") that need a home in my system.
GREAT stands give them a try.
I have the monitor stands, an SP2 and an SP101 up for sale on audio gon. Wanting to go with one stand for all even though it is highly recommended to have a separate stand for the amplifier. I do not have much space. Robert at Star Sound is a wonderful person to talk to about their product. The sistrum stands are truly special.

SP 101 reduced is the listing on audio gon.


Are you selling the SP2?