Sistrum Platforms

Has any one tried these in thier system and how is the rack at reducing vibrations? Thanks.
Hi, I have a 5-shelf Sistrum rack, and the smaller platform stands under each of my Genesis 500 speakers. I noticed an improvement in clarity and detail in my system immediately, plus in my opinion the rack is absolutely beautiful, very minimalist with just the components sitting on the brass Audiopoints and the whole thing spiked onto your floor w/Audiopoints too. I thought the effect was so amazing that I bought several sets of Audiopoints in various sizes to use under components on another non-Sistrum rack. I highly recommend Sistrum and Audiopoints. YOu can occasionally find a rack used/demo on this site, though the list price is not exorbitant. I have never seen the speaker platform stands listed here, you may have to order them from Starsound, but they are well worth it if you have floorstanders.
Agreed with above- Sistrum is excellent product, plus Robert at Starsound is extremely helpful and knowledgeable on the resonance-draining technology employed.

I use a pair of SP-1 amp stands under some large tube monoblocks, and noticed the same benefits as the user above...
Yes, I have the SP-6 Model Sistrium Rack and is very pleased with the performance of the the stand and its' effect on my system's overall sonic presentation. Excellent at reducing vibrational noise, presents a balanced focused image, that is locked in. However, the rack does not confine your components, but enables them to perform with a black background with micro and macro details heard. I would also recommend the Micro-Bearings as a filler for the three rods.

I found that using the Sistrum platforms and cones under my Levinson #380s and #39 did sound more detailed, and I liked it at first. However, after listening awhile and switching back to no cones or platforms, I found the sound to be fuller and less bright. I've since found that also to be true of BDR cones with Levinson gear. I'm talked with others and it seems that brass cones sound better with tube gear not solid state. I'm sure this is system dependent, and the Sistrum products are very high quality. Robert is a great guy to talk with. I've found that with Levinson gear, 2 inch maple blocks and Vibrapods work the best. I also tried the Sistrum products under my Revel Salons, and noticed a similar effect.
Based on my expirience, the Systrum platfrom did nothing but scratch the bottom of my equipment. Now the good part, should you ever need to call Star Sound, good luck. They hardly ever pick up the phone and when you finally reach someone, they are rude. Last but not least, I had heard that the company was having some serious financial issues. Be careful about investing in a company that may not be around much longer
Good-day Dml1,

In response to your disheartening post, we were never made aware of your mechanical placement problems concerning the Sistrum Platform. Since the release of Sistrum Platforms we have always offered a full refund policy for any reason whatsoever. In fact we are completely surprised that we have not heard from you with regards to your displeasure.

We do produce a surface protection disc (APCD2) for the listener who feels that the Audio Point would indeed scratch any surface.

I enjoy personally answering the majority of our company's telecommuntions and am willing to spend as much time with a client as is required of me. In addition, you may always leave a message and/or schedule a personal conversation suited to your timeline.

Audio Points continue to expand through thirteen years of industry success. The core of our company membership is made up of successful engineers (ME, EE, IE and DEE's) who consider your statement with regards to finance lacking truth.

We do look forward to speaking directly with you, (toll free) 1-877-668-4332.

As always - Good Listening!
Yes, I've got to say that Dml1's experience w/Sistrum and StarSound is completely the opposite of mine. Robert was 100% available and responsive to all my inquiries and questions and offered full return policy. Meanwhile, my Sistrum rack and speaker stands get better and better. They were a great improvement to an already very good system, and I personally love the looks of this distinctive, minimalist stand. You can adjust the audiopoints on each shelf to fit each component, large or small, perfectly. I even have my Linn turntable resting on the audiopoints on the top shelf and think the sound is much improved from when I had it on a Brightstar Big Rock before.
Yes I second Sc53's comments. The StarSound company was very responsive to my questions and presented a very professional and educated approach in dealing with customers about their products.

Esb - the purveyors of Sistrum gear have sullied their reputation here through shameless and deceitful self-promotion on this forum. Hence I have reservations and perhaps a bias.

Having tried their product I can say that I thought the sound was decidedly better than using simple brass cones, but generally in the same direction. That is to say, a muddy sounding system will open up using Sistrum, but at the expense of adding resonant peaks that will color all that passes through your system.

Under speakers seems the best application to me, but under electronics there seemed to me to be far better ways to go.
redkiwi is quite correct about the shameless self-dealing done in the past by sistrum on these forums. they've used a number of shills/sockpuppets to puff their gear and then deny it. i find it fascinating, indeed, that sistrum's latest supposed "spokesperson," lonelynote, has posted on but ONE thread: this one. just remember that a lifetime guaranty is based, not on your lifetime, but on his who offers it. i, too, have heard the rumors of sistrum's imminent demise. not hard to believe. lonelynote, BTW, skirts this issue neatly but seemingly disingenuously. caveat emptor. -cfb
Good-day to redkiwi and cornfedboy,

I urge you to pick up the telephone and call me (toll free at 1-877-668-4332). A person to person discussion could change your tune about our company, especially since I will have no knowledge as to who you are. Judge us based on the merits of your direct contact with our company or your personal experience with our designs.

Truthfully, anyone can attempt to damage the reputation and function of any product. We are never upset with any opinions concerning our products from people who have actually listened to and own the product.

The buying public is intelligent enough to analyze and critique the published reviews from Industry’s Senior Editors and form their own opinions with regard to the science and function of our products.

I truly find the attacks on our finance somewhat amusing though. More or less a cheap shot that bears no merit of truth whatsoever.

Audio Points™ and Sonoran A/V Wire Designs have been a part of our company for the past dozen years or so. Sistrum Platforms are the most recent project released into our product line up. Many more designs, including Harmonic Precision electronics and loudspeaker systems, are scheduled to follow.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and as always – Good Listening.

My name is Robert.
I guess I must have missed the shamless self-dealing in the past by StarSound (Sistrum)on these forums. I talked to Robert yesterday about some stands for my speakers. I found him to be one of the most knowlegable, friendly, helpful, man I have dealt with as far as a company goes. I must have talked with him for over an hour. Shamless, deceitful, self promotion, are hardly the words I would use to describe this very helpful man. When I mentioned Ken of Neuance, He had very high praise of ken and his product. Redkiwi and Cornfedboy are among my favorite posters on Audiogon. Please tell me what I obviously missed. I would encourage both Redkiwi and CFB to take Robert up on his offer. Give the man a call and see if there was a misundestanding. Remember, there is always two sides to every story. He has offered, why hesitate to accept? I know for some, it is easier to beat up on someone than finding truth. CFB and Redkiwi do not fit this description.
Thank you Robert for all you help. I have nothing but the highest regards for you. And no, I have nothing to do with any audio manufactuer. I am an audiophile with an open mind, or at least I like to think of myself that way.
Brulee, your comments have been echoed by several others and so I do not have any reason to doubt them. I would expect talking to Robert would only confirm your experience.

What we saw last year was a series of posts on Audiogon in praise of Sistrum, supposedly from private individuals, that became increasingly obviously unpaid advertisements. When the posters were challenged on this point any doubt was removed by their evasive response.

I hasten to add that this does not prove that the posts under this thread are not honest. But the fact that suspicion is raised by a thread like this one, is not the fault of Kelly or myself. At the least, I felt it necessary to sound a note of caution about posters raving about Sistrum products. I have made no assertions about finaces, because I have no information.

I hasten to add that this does not mean that the Sistrum products are no good. As stated in a previous post - I have indeed auditioned Sistrum frames and report my findings as honestly as I am able.

If you say, Brulee my friend, that Robert is a great guy and very helpful, I have every reason to accept it - and nor have I said anything to the contrary. But I stand by my comments that someone directly associated with Sistrum was caught here attempting to promote their product under the guise of private posters, and this has to therefore raise suspicion about Sistrum raves on this site by "unknown" posters, until Robert or someone else provides a decent reason why we should think otherwise. If Robert wishes to explain why we have mis-read what happened, then he should do so publicly on this site.

Since your credibility, Brulee, is not doubted - perhaps you could save Robert from, either himself or his associates, by giving us your views of Robert's products. I think you are right to look at Sistrum frames for speaker stands - where they are very effective.
lonelynote: thank you for your invitation. i DO hope it was not you who encouraged what redkiwi describes quite well just above. the "testimonials" about the sistrum racks were so obviously "planted" that they brought opprobrium on the whole of starsound from a much wider audience than redkiwi and me. you must surely have been made aware of this. i don't see more sockpuppets following on this thread, which i credit to either the audiogon monitors or your good sense. i sincerely hope it is the latter. -cfb
Were these the old threads which contained posts by "The Doctor"? If so, they were an "obvious" hoot and did much more damage than good to the product's image. Hopefully those involved in that one have learned their lesson. Also agreed that Bruce's opinion is highly valued as he "walks the walk".
dekay: yep, them's the ones. i also want to acknowledge brulee's being a standup guy. just wish he'd learn how to write the talk he talks. :o)

Redkiwi and confedboy, thanks you for stating your opinions about the stands. I have been considering the Sistrum platform, until this forum that is. It seems very odd that lonelynote questions your opinions in a forum like this. He seemed a little bit defensive. Does he work for Sistrum? If so, why doesn't he use his real name? He should realize that not everyone is going to like his product. After reading his posts, it doesn't appear to be acompany that I would want to do business with. I think I will check out some of the othe stand companies mentioned on this forum.
Davidlpk- Upon rereading this thread, I've come to the opposite conclusion. Deeds of a year ago aside, the initial respondents are well known on this forum and should have raised no 'alarm'. Of the posts that seem questionable, Dm11 is not known to me and his experience so contradicts the experiences of those who are known to me that I give them little weight. I'm not challenging his experience, simply suggesting that there are always two sides to every story.

I did not find Robert's comments inflamatory as they could easily have been given the nature of the attack, rumor and innuendo. I interpretted his invitation as sincere. Though I disagree with my good friend Brulee from time to time, I generally trust his impression. Though I'm not versed in the Sistrum product line, a little research followed by a call to Robert seems quite likely. Of course, since I don't use my name for logging in, how can anyone possibly believe me?!

I don't remember using the word inflamatory. Also, I don't consider posts from cornfedboy or Redkiwi to be product bashing. As you said, there are two sides to every story. As someone who is looking to spend a chunk of change on a stand, I consider all opinions here on this forum. So please tell me, what your expirience is whith product? Also, who is Robert (which post)? Is he a friend of yours?
Davidlpk- If you reread Lonelynote's responses, you will see that he ended with his name in the body of the text of his second response, I believe. It is also extremely clear given the content of Lonelynote's first response that it is from the manufacturer/rep. The only advice I could offer would be that he had been even more blunt by simply stating this fact. However, as I pointed out, it is obvious by the content of the response.

I never meant to attribute the term 'inflammatory' to you. Having rereading my post, I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion, but I certainly had no intend for that to happen. This was my reference to Robert's responses that he did NOT lose his composure after what was a rather nasty rumor.

As I stated in my comment, I have no current knowledge of the product line. I've never talked with Robert before, though I intend to call him after I've researched the Sistrum line since I'm in the market for a tt stand. I trust Brulee's assessment of Robert's character because I know Brulee.

I can only request that you reread this entire thread to see if you don't gain a slightly different perspective. If you don't, that's fine, too. I gain nothing if you buy or don't buy a Sistrum product. You're certainly welcome to your opinion. Enjoy the music.
Sc53,thank you for taking the time answering my many questions. You have been very helpful.

Redkiwi my friend, thank you for bringing to my attention that "someone directly associated with Sistrum was caught here attemting to promote their product under the guise of private posters". I will ask Robert about this in my next conversation. I will be more than happy to share my experience with the Sistrum frames.

Dekay, your kindness and generousity will always be appreciated. How will I ever repay you?

I must express my gratitude for your clement critiques of my pitiful attmpts at written communication. Though I endeaver to write with the command that you so effortlessly exhibit, I fear that I will have to live several lifetimes to master the written word. Your every post provides the erudition that I strive to obtain. I only hope that someday, I too, will be granted access to the celestial libray reserved for those that have attained the literary prowess that you possess. You must admit, I haven't used alot once in this post.
brulee: you've put a big smile on my face. very nicely done. i especially like "clement," a wonderfully obscure word used perfectly.

After putting in many hours of work in comparing racks, shelves, and all the other things I have used in the past, the Sistrum Platforms are the best investment I think I have ever made. I can't tell you in words like a reviewer. What I have lost is a hash or noise. I can play at levels I could not play at before and things stay smooth, focused, dynamic, and very musical. Imaging is the best I have had in my room. There is something that is right about the sound that this boy can't put in words. My amp sounds less stressful, like it has more power. A brightness is gone when things get loud. I am sold. I gave it the 30 day trial and it ain't leaving my system. I may sell all my gear but the Star Sound Sistrum racks are staying. So is the PC. It bettered the FIM, MAC, and Stealth PCs in my system. I hope to try out more of their products as soon as possible. IMO, this company is doing something very right. I can't wait to try their IC and speaker cable. One sold and happy customer.
I have been using the Sistrum platforms under every piece of my equipment,including my speakers for the last 2yrs.They simply work!Every aspect and every positive audio adjective need be applied.I installed a 6 shelf Sistrum rack when they first became available 17 months ago,again everything got better, not just different.You guys must also hear the power cords as well as speaker cable and interconnects.The micro-bearing around the final shield seems to to take these cables to another level of lower noise and greater retrival.The attributes of Sistrum grounding was designed thru out their new mono-bloc amps as well..Again everything got quieter,faster ,blacker and OH so much more dynamic.The Coulomb Law applies to all these works.This is a continuim by design not just guess work.When you line up all these products everything is better. And you just know its correct..I loaned a friend one of my unused Sistrum Platforms to use under his Conrad amp.He said it was like he had aquired a whole new amp,so he bought it from me.Soon after he bought platforms to put under his Thiels.He said there was again just as much improvement ..These Sistrum products will never be retired.All keepers.
Brulee based on your enthusiasm and my trust in your judgement, I will certainly check them out!
Brulee, I'm so glad you liked the stand. I agree w/you, it was one of the best purchases for the money I've ever made. I have not yet tried any of their cables or interconnects, perhaps that's next. I think it's great when people post their reactions or decisions to complete threads like these.
Tubegroover, thank you for your kind words. Be sure when you audition that you let them settle for at least 10 days. The guys at Star Sound will be very helpful in letting you know what to do. Speak with Robert if you can. He is very helpful, and will take all the time needed to explain what and how to do things right.

I thank you very much Sara for bringing these products to my attention. IOU big time. Again Sara, thank you so much. You have been very helpful and I appreciate the time you have taken answering my many emails.
brulee: i echo what sarah says. your comments are very helpful and come from one i KNOW ain't no shill. -kelly
Bruce- my good friend, how are you? Glad you are trying the Sistrum stuff- I use the Sp-1's under my modified Altec tube monoblocks with excellent results. I would not hesitate (can't afford it right now!) to use one of the component racks as well, but I would definitely get the brass inner-rod upgrade.

By the way- you sent me an e-mail like a month ago- I didn't see it, 'cause for some crazy reason, my Outlook sent it the the 'Delete' box right away! My apologies, I will respond now that I have seen it- later!

Though it has been quite awhile since I wrote a response on this thread, I nevertheless feel it appropriate to write about my experience with Star Sound. Due to audio room redesign and ever increasing job-related intrusions, it has been only recently that I have had the opportunity to audition Sistrum in my system.

The speaker stands were the first items installed, and the improvement was highly beneficial. There was definitely less smearing and better focus with the stands. The bottom end tightened up but not at the expense of the natural decay and expansion (as opposed to bloat). Certainly, this was the the best $370 upgrade I've ever had in my system.

Next, I used the Sistrum amp stands for my new WAVAC 833. "Wow" is not overstating my reaction. As great as the WAVAC 833 monos are, the stands took them a step higher. Incredible dynamics with concrete-breaking low-end extension were the first things I noticed. Yet, at the same time I found a less stressful sound, particularly at higher SPL. Given the performance of the stands I was previously using, I was not prepared for the improvement the Sistrum amp stands provided in my system.

I'll also add that for you DIYers out there, the high Cu content / lead-free solder available from Star Sound is extremely good. It is a bit of a pain to use since it requires a high temp iron and the use of liquid/paste flux, but the results I obtained speak for themselves. I've used many different solders over the years, and this is my new reference for sonic performance.

I've just ordered a long run of the Sonoran IC from Robert, and I'll be very interested in comparing them to my past and current references. I'll report my experience with them at a later date.

It has been a distinct pleasure experiencing the highly effective (and visually beautiful) Sistrum products. I highly recommend them for anyone considering similar products. I would guess that their "satisfaction guarantee" is rarely exercised.

I also use the sistrum speaker stands and found them beneficial. I did not buy the rack. I bought a Grand Prix Audio Monaco rack with an F1 shelf and an amp stand. These are the best racks on the market IMO. With this rack you need no other vibration control under any component. It is also is a great looking rack.
Fantastic results after installing the largest Sistrum platforms under my almost still Dunlavy SC4's. Bigger speakers or amps require larger, and deserve, larger platforms. Marked improvement in bottom end, larger clearer window on the sound. Most notable benefit was quieter, blacker backround, more relaxed highs with increased resolution. All my components are now on either Sistrum platforms or Sistrum rack. Ya know,, the stuff is just right!
Good to see that the Sistrum racks are proving as beneficial to others as they are to me. I haven't noticed if any of the other posters state whether they are using the micro-bearing as filler for the racks? I did a mini evaluation with and without the microbearing and found that in the longrun the bearings improved the "damping" effect of the racks, and provided a blacker background that facilitated a more detailed, focused bass response. I am mow thinking about using the smaller platforms under my Osborn spkrs.

Micro-bearing around the final dielectric of the new Sonoran cables also makes a big difference. Same increase in blacker backround more detail and better focus as Ken discribed when he added micro-bearing to his rack. Sistrum platforms are benificial to any loudspeaker. Three different size platforms for different size speakers or electronics. I have owned them all and still use them under my Servo 15's and my Dunlavy SC4's. They are of component quality. Tom