Sirius and Walker

Hi Folks:

I have first hand experience with the Walker turntable and, to this day, it's the finest I have ever heard. Can anyone compare the sound of the Walker with the Rockport with the same material? I'm very interested.

Thanks as always.

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Dear Unoear, Dertonarm,

Do you mean the Rockport arm would “skip track” or has serious distortion towards the end of the LPs?

I have been using the Rockport 6000 arm on their Capella II turntable for nearly 10 years now. While I can’t say the wire has no effect on tracking, I have never had any problem with the arm tracking the whole record. Of course, I need to clean the spindle with alcohol occasionally.

As such, it is quite unimaginable that it would happen to the Sirius III !

Unoear, I'm afraid my experience is limited to some of the older Denon's, the Nakamichi centering turntable, the $400 Technics that you can still buy new, and some needle-drops of the Technics sp10 mk11. I cannot afford $12.5k. Since I'm speaking my mind, the way that Salvador speaks of Linn turntables, comes to mind with the direct-drives that I've heard. In the relentless quest of absolute drive(equivalent to Linn's simplification of music, i.e.playing the tune), it comes to mind that music might be simplified. My example is a needle drop that I heard comparing(I think it was)"Let if Be", by the Beatles. One version was, I think, a direct-drive, the other was a well-sorted Linn(maybe a Radikal?). I believe I heard this on Pink Fish media.
Hi Sarcher30, the tonearm wire insulation was fine - that kind of insulation used on the Sirius' tonearm wire will only "harden" ages after our bones have turned to dust ....
What amazes me always in those discussions, is, how many name a turntable "great design" and have absolutely no idea from its Performance (see here, or NVS, or Continuum and more).
Let's face it, most of us (I am an exception) hear with their eyes. And when the price tag is in the upper region, well, then we have it. THE great design.
And it is absolutely not necessary to insist, that for such a comparison each Turntable has to have the same Arm. A typical excuse from an "Audiophile" who does not know what is responsible for what.
In a way, it is very good because it keeps that hobby alive, specially for those who want to spend big money and for those who do not have that money but dream of these "machines".
Fun counts. Or?
In a way ...
A cerainly not acceptable way, mostly Zombie like dead.
Alive ... (for the market yes), but with such a rotten blood inside, that makes it nothing but a lost hope for the users and their illusory dreams. Means no progress and therefore no hope for the future if we continue to connive at. We have to resist. We owe this as a respect to our hobby and to our self. We must remind allways that the good sound is growing slowly after toilsomeness work and it can't just rise suddenly (just because we throw a fortune) from within the next boutique TT. For how long are we going to give food to the corrupt market monster?
Stop to assume by the looks & price. At the end of the day we are alone with only this (THE great!) piece of shit that we have bought. Fun counts? For the market a big one. Maybe also for the decorator. Βut where are we in all of this fraud? Why we choose to accept the pioneer moron role?
AMAZING indeed! Some of us we've allready pay for this, but as we tend to forget these days, our new world is motivated only after the premise of the profit growth. There is no room for reseach & development in our times. So, have we trained enough to distinguish the genuine from the fake? No we would never be able to predict the market's next surprise. Αll we can do is to listen & compare before we buy, but even in this field of listening, we must to learn "what is going on in front of us and what is responsible for what" as Syntax pointed. This is the foremost necessity and our only wheapon in this battle of faulse dreams and delusional auditions.