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I have first hand experience with the Walker turntable and, to this day, it's the finest I have ever heard. Can anyone compare the sound of the Walker with the Rockport with the same material? I'm very interested.

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I have had the Sirius System lll in my room. The same Sirius that JTinn is discussing. As JTinn has told me, the Sirius, as it was setup by its previous owner, was not able to successfully navigate the inner groves. Therefore, I do not believe that JTinn has heard the Rockport as it was designed to present music that is recorded on vinyl. The Rockport Sirius System lll, is a system, a finely-tuned machine and as such, requires a careful focused understanding of how all of the constituent parts come together to make a whole.

Tim Sheridan, the designer of the Sirius motor drive, was here last month. Eventhough the Rockport is out of production, there appears that there may up to an additional sixteen pristine Sirius System lll TTs that are patiently waiting to spin sometime in the distant future.

I have heard Lloyd Walker's machine. It is an all out assault by the resident mad genius of our hobby; currently in production and universally loved by their owners...definitely a loyal fan group! No hidden secret sauce, just a well-designed machine and a transparent window to the

...and I do like string-driven machines; such as, the big Micro Seikis.
Dear Unoear: Can I understand from your post that that Sirius owner was hearing not the real performance in the Sirius but only a " bad copy "?

Is hard to imagine some one that invest on that great TT and that he as the Sirius manufacturer can't took in count that wrong set-up!?!?!???, but things happen.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I can confirm Unoear's description.
When I was his guest in late November 2011, we tried real hard getting the Sirius III to track a whole record side.
It proofed impossible - due to the original stock tonearm wire.
No matter what we tried - the tonearm wire is way too stiff and does heavily influence the tangential movement after about 2 inches into the record.
And there were 3 seasoned audiophiles trying their luck real hard - all of them with intimate personal experience with several air-bearing tonearms.
Should I speak my mind, and get my butt handed to me? I find direct-drives(I've only heard cheaper ones.)to have a relentless quality to them. Does anyone else hear this? Do the more expensive, or well-sorted ones, eliminate this quality?

01-11-12: Mmakshak:
"I find direct-drives to have a relentless quality to them. Does anyone else hear this? Do the more expensive, or well-sorted ones, eliminate this quality?"

The answers are yes and yes. I have to assume this "relentless" quality is a negative thing in your experience.