Singxer SU-1 with Aurender N100H

I'm curious to hear feedback from anyone who has used this combination. I am less concerned about the DAC but for reference I am using the Holo Audio Spring level three. I'm curious the degree to which the  Singxer will result in improvement to the sound of the Aurender. Thanks!
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Those I know with the Holo Spring DAC all say that it needs something like the Singxer to work properly - so I don’t think you can eliminate it.
I wouldn't say it "needs" the Singxer to work properly since I use it with my Ayre CD player and it works great. I did an A/B test between the CD player and the Aurender using the same track of music however and the Ayre was noticeably better. 
Possibly the Ayre output (did you use optical or Coax?) has less jitter than the USB 2 of the Aurender. Or the decoding of USB in the Holo Spring suffers from logic induced modulation - so it works better with the Singxer or a low jitter feed from the Ayre?

Anyway I don’t have hands on experience but others have reported and advised that the Holo Spring shines best with a Singxer or other type of bridge...