Singular Amplification Experience; Review Now Published

Well, at at least the first of 3 segments is published at 

The Pass Labs XA200.8 Mono Block Amplifier; super-amps exist, and it's shocking, when they throw their weight around, how much they sway a system. 


Thank you for all your review hard work. Well done!
joinid, you're welcome! 
I love the endless variety of system building, and that keeps me motivated. My goal/reward is the variety of experiences. 

Just yesterday I put the Legacy Whisper DSW Clarity Edition speakers back into the rig with the XA200.8, one of my favorite combos. Together, the experience of hearing it is like "elegance overload," which I force myself to suffer being exposed to for longer sessions.  ;)  
One of the most surprising and humbling experiences is ongoing discovery of how vast the performance spectrum is, a sensationally great range of sound quality and playback experiences. If I had not handled so much gear and built so many systems I would have no idea of the extent of it. It has taught me not to say there is no more room for improvement. 

Part 2 now published. In this segment it will be revealed how dominant an amplifier's presence is in a system. When an amp is so extreme, new options for system building become available - and the results can be superior to traditional setups.