SinglePower, anyone here still use one?

The SinglePower amps, and headphone amps were "exposed"on another site, and various problems with some have been discussed. I just bought a SinglePower MPX3 and like it very much, dispite knowing full well the controversy over some dangers in some of them (underspec transformers, underspec caps, and other problems.
So, MY QUESTION IS: any SinglePower amp users here, and how do you feel about the SinglePower product you own?
AND: have YOU had it inspected?
I use my MPX-3 intermittantly as a preamp, less often with my 650's. Had it a couple years with no problems. I would really like to open it up a check for deficiencies if someone could tell me what to look for to head off any problems. Sounds great with my Cary CDP-1. Run 6SN7's most of the time but have all the adapters for other apps.
Hope you have good luck with yours too!
Go to
Go to the headphone amp section and check out the stickys about Singlepower. Not only did he rip off alot of people for thousands and thousands of dollars. the amps he delivered (mainly over the last 2-3 years) had (at best) poor build quality and at worst very dangerous. I would have it checked to make sure before you use it much. Alot of people with knowledge on the amps are willing to help you with what you have if you post interal pics of the amps in one of threads about Singlepowers products
I have a Singlepower Audio Balanced Extreme, I sent it to Dr. Kevin Gillmore. He said it had a lot of "head scratching innovations" he changed a few things made it safe,, could not find the source of a slight hum,, with sensitive headphones. He sent it back it sounds even better then before..

I like the sound of my amp a lot,,,but I just bought a Woo Wa 22,, and I am on the list for Craigs, (Eddie Current) Balancing act. I want to see how my Singlepower amp stacks up with HD 800,, and my AKG. K 1000.. Hi Tom
Go to Head-fi if you want to read the trail of tears about Singlepower. Many, including myself, have axes to grind of various sizes. Some people bought Singlepower amps that they recently learned have substantial design/manufacturing flaws. Some have done the repair work themselves, others have had the work done by a tech, others have been told their amps cannot be salvaged at all. Others were the victims of worse fraud -- they paid for Singlepower amps either in part or in full and never received an amp. The owner of Singlepower, Mikael Rotenberg, simply disappeared with their money.

Before Singlepower was revealed to be scamming customers and sending out poorly built amps, the brand was held in fairly high regard. My advice is to get your amp checked out by a tech to make sure it is not dangerous to operate, since that has been a concern raised on Head-fi. I have yet to hear of anyone being electrocuted by a Singlepower amp, but there is always a first. If the repairs are inexpensive (a couple hundred bucks), get them done and enjoy the amp. If the tech says the amp needs substantial work that will cost a lot of money, I would just ditch the amp. You might as well buy something with some resale value, because the market for Singlepower amps is non-existent. You cannot give a Singlepower amp away these days, since everyone assumes they are time bombs waiting to explode.