Single Zen Satori Vs. Bi Zu Wax Opinion Please

Hey All;

Thanks in advance for your opinions!

I've recently put in single Zen Satori's, I went from bi-wired Zu Wax's. What is your opinion on this switch?
I have mono block Rawson Pass Aleph 2's.
You'be made this change and you're asking others what they think. Why?
Thanks for taking interest!
I honestly have a hard time hearing a lot of audio nuance, so I was hoping someone would say something like; "well the Satori is sweeter in the top end". Then I would listen for that. It's really me trying to learn what to listen for between the 2 cables.
In addition I was wondering if someone had similar cables and what there opinions were.
Opps, along with the Rawson amp. I have Totem Hawks. I should of added that to my original post.
If you want to be able to describe the differences you hear, you can train yourself. I offer a few humble suggestions.

• Line up an audio buddy if you can. Conversation about what you hear helps.

• Take notes during the session.

• Pay attention to the music, not to the sound. Forget liquid midrange, airy highs, tight bass. Instead listen for how the music moves you, what instruments you appreciate, the virtuosity of the players. The best listening sessions touch you emotionally.

• In a session listen to the same three to five tracks, twice through. First listen on your regular system. Then swap in the new piece of gear. Then listen to the tracks again. Choose the musical pieces for variety. The second time through, talk about what you hear after each track. Not to repeat myself or anything, but pay attention to music, not sound.

Listen to one for a few weeks and switch wire and listen to it for a few weeks.

Do not think of anything. Just enjoy the music. The superiour wire will present itself to you.

The force is with you...


Tobias, Philjolet;

Thanks for the wonderful suggestions! I've used the Chesky Ultimate Demo CD and a few other faces to listen for the differences. I will combine both your suggestions, again, thanks for the suggestions. Thats exactly what I was looking for.
I have the Satoris and have had the Zu Julians in my system -- obviously not Wax but in case there's a house sound in play I thought it might be helpful in some specific things to listen for.

In general I'd say the Satori veers toward the more musical side while the Zus were a bit more analytical sounding. Zus were a little brighter up top with more apparent air and a bit thinner through the mids and bass. The Zus bass countered with about the best control and tightness I've heard from a speaker cable in my system. The Zens were more tonally colorful and fleshed out with more natural and refined sounding highs, and in general they brought more weight and heft although somewhat at the price of perceived speed and snappiness vs. the Zus.

Although I find you get the majority of benefits with the single-wire Satoris, I found the shotgun biwire version to sound a bit fuller and more relaxed sounding (in a good way, although this may vary by speaker I suppose). This obviously comes at a higher price where other pricier contenders may also be worth considering. Anyway, hope this helps a little.