Single wire or bi-wire for Egglestones Andra II

I could not resist a great deal from my local dealer and pulled a trigger on buying the Eggleston Andra II.
Could anyone share their experience or advise on how they sound best: with a single wires and good quality jumpers (cardas), or using bi-wire speaker cables which will cost much more for a good quality cables.
I have Andra II's and they were ordered specifically with single wire terminations -- not bi-wired. I'm using some "unique" cables which use CNT's (carbon nanotubes) -- they sound fabulous, IMO. Those dual 12 inch woofers in a push/push configuration inside that "vault" they call a speaker are down right amazing.

Glad I'm not moving them into my room; like you'll be (212 lbs is HEAVY).

I also hope you have as much enjoyment out of them as I have had.

What's your amp????
My amplifier is plinius SB-301. My Andras II already shipped. I did not know that you can order them in single binding posts configuration. To my knowledge, their crossover is designed for bi-wire, or may be I’m wrong and it is all marketing.
I am using Vandersteen 5A's which are recommended to be used in bi-wire configuration. I tried various setups..jumpers were clearly the worst and true bi-wire the best. If you read what Richard Vandersteen says about bi-wiring, he recommends individual cables for the bi-wire for best effectiveness. He explains it scientifically on his website. I tried many, many of the high priced cables and found Cardas to be the worst for my system, Audioquest Sky and their speaker wire mate to be second best, and cheap Anti-Cables to be the best. In my system, anti-cables sounded very much like Audoquest..even a bit better. Listen and compare.
I have recently purchased a set of Andra II speakers, and I am currently bi-wiring them with two separate sets of (2M) Audience AU24 speakers cables. They sound very good to me, but I will state that I have not tried them in any other type of configuration (i.e with jumpers), or with any other type of wire, (although, I would love to try them with a set of bi-wired Nordost Valhallas). Sorry I can not help you with the comparison.

I suggest that you do a search of the members systems here on Audiogon that have the Andra II speakers, and contact them to see what experimentation they have done.

And, you are correct that the current standard configuration is with two sets of binding posts, for bi-wiring the speakers. (Obviously, as Ontjesr has done, you can special order them with one set of binding posts.)

(Note: The Andra I was set up for a single set of binding posts, although if they are upgraded to the Andra II version, the owner has the option of either keeping the single set of binding posts, or going with the now standard two sets of binding posts.)

Good Luck with your search and let us know what conclusions you come up with.
Congrats on your new speaker purchase! I have been so interested in the Andra II's that I contacted the mfg. to find a dealer in So. Cal. for a listen. As of last month they evidently do not have a dealer in CA at all. Be sure to let us know how they are.
Denon1 - IMO the Andra II's WANT at least 200 or more watts to make 'em purr and with the Plinus, IMO, you should be good to go as they say. Should sound marvelous. If I had the dual set of posts, I'd definitely save up the cash to get some good bi-wired cables as Stringreen & Kurt_tank suggests. You can also call Jim (Thompson) at Eggleston & chat w/him -- nice guy.

I was pushing them with dual McIntosh MC275's in mono/parallel (150 to 180 wpc) and replaced them with McIntosh 300 watt tube mono's (MC2301's). I usually listen to between 3 & 30 watts -- but a huge difference with the 2301's (of course, the 2301's have improved everything with their great S/N ratio of -117db).

Jsd52756 - too bad for both you & Eggleston -- these speakers are worth every effort to audition.
I am running my speakers with Stealth Hybrid MLT and I need 3.5m lengths for my setup. Those are great cables. But there is no way I will spend so much money on the second run of MLT. So I have a dilemma here: to go with Stealth MLT single wire and very good jumpers or to downgrade (which I really prefer not to do) to bi-wired set of lesser quality cables. I am not sure what to do. It is difficult to loan 3.5m bi-wire cables for audition to compare.
I am in the same boat as Denon1. I would like to bi-wire my Dali Ikon 6s, but they are wired with a 3 meter pair of Audience Au24s and I cannot afford a second pair to bi-wire.