Single vs Bi-wire Speaker Cable

I'm going to purchase some AQ speaker cables, and am considering bi-wired AQ Robin Hood Zero vs full range William Tell Zero (with quality jumpers). The bi-wired RH is about $500 more expensive than the full range WT, but on a comparable basis, WT is the more expensive cable. Any thoughts on sound quality between the options I described above would be greatly appreciated.


Also have found tip top jumpers is all yah need. (All I do)  I have tried connecting to treble and base and can’t tell any difference. 

A while back there was much to do about doubling up on speaker wires. ( double sets/runs) Not sure where that landed. Bueller? Bueller?

Happy Ike Quebec’s birthday y’all. 

Contrary to most of the other opinions here, I say biwire works. It's easy to tell the difference if you biwire one speaker and don't the other. Can A/B just by walking from one to the other. Using Martin Logan Request which are highly resolving and Audioquest Type 8 splitting one cable's wires (has 8 conductors)  to biwire and leaving the other cable intact, it was eminently obvious that all the components of the program on the biwire side had better separation and clarity. When high and low frequency travels on the same wire the bass energy distorts the treble energy. Biwire eliminates that problem. As usual it's a matter of everyone can say otherwise but I heard it easily for myself so I can not be convinced otherwise. It's exactly the "cables don't make a difference" argument. All you can do is feel sorry for the people who can't hear it.

As always, there are several variables involved. Some systems simply reveal it better than others, and some people are more patient when can be subtle and hard to notice, but once you do hear it, you won’t "unhear it". It's more likely to impact sound stage than tonal balance, so it's easier to miss.  Critical listening is a skill that’s separate from hearing ability, and can be honed.

I say try it and see for yourself.

One great cable is better than two lessor cables. 

I totally agree with this.

With the 802D's I believe they suggest to run the wire to the bottom jacks, then jumper(s) to the top jacks. 

Any sources for this? I believe this to be false. Speaker cables to HF first, then jumpers to LF. I apologize if I am mistaken