single versus multiple driver?

I have for years been thinking over the idea of a single driver easy load speaker with low powered set amps. I would love to take the plunge but am a little weary about the performance and risk. I listen to mostly classical,opera,jazz,older pop recordings and the like. I am presently using a pair of sounddynamics three way 300ti speaker and driving them B&K M200 amps. also bass is supported with the use of a Rel StrataIII sub. I am asking the question have any gone to single and been very disapointed and gone back to multiple drivers? I mean it really seems like a no brainer single speaker with no crossover should account to better sound? Thank you all and happy holiday.
I agree with Jaybo and Johnk. I currently use single driver speakers, have owned several others and heard many. Unless you are going to spend big money on a well designed and built example, you may be disappointed for your preference of music (classica/opera). Yes, an inexpensive SD speaker can play loud (Cycloneharry) or play well in a small room or near-field (Johnk), but it takes a seriously designed/built Single-Driver speaker to pull off Orchestral or Opera at concert volumes. All of the moderately prices SD speakers I've heard fail miserably at large scale classical music.

That said, for my music preference of small group jazz, folk rock, chamber music or even well recorded rock music, a simple AS single driver speaker can be a revelation in a smallish room and especially in the near-field.


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What you've described above seems very interesting
Is this a diy design or did Omega build the xrs with an added tweeter

I would be interested in hearing more
I listen at about 12 feet away and the size of my room is 16' x 30', not a small listening room or near field by any means. They are free standing if you put these rear loaded horns directly into corners you can increase the db they produce by 5 or 6db. Hey I also have a pair of Tyler pro dynamics PD30's and let me tell you these little horns dont miss a beat.
I've hesitated responding to this thread because I'm a "Rookie" with regard to single driver speakers, but I thought I'd add my limited experience with my Lowther Transmission Line speakers. I just finished listening to a new Dave Matthews CD "Live at Piedmont Park" and it is as dynamic a CD that I own. I'm blown away with the accuracy of the bass and the detail all the up through the symbols. I'm listening at levels just below 90dB in my living room. At volumes above this level they do get congested. Bass is measuring down to 30Hz. I'm not experienced with grand orchestral recordings, but to single out all SD speakers for chamber music would be a mistake.
I've heard a number of modern single driver speakers as well as modern designs using ancient Altec/Western Electric drivers. They make most conventional speakers sound lifeless and drab in terms of dynamics. But, the lack of bass/midbass and the midrange coloration is quite pronounced. Personally, while I might tolerate the coloration if I listened only to instrumental jazz and female vocals, I find it particularly hard to listen to such systems with orchestral classical music and opera.