Single Vendor Components for MMG

I am putting together a new office system that will be my primary setup until I build a dedicated listening room. The office room is approx. 22'x20' with vaulted ceiling. The speakers will go against short wall, unfortunately with 4 windows behind them.

I am evaluating 3 options for amplification and source for pairing with MMG, and I'd like them to be single vendor to make me feel better about the system "synergy". I currently own a pair of Hibachi monos and an NAD C565BEE cd player. So my first thought was an all TAD combo (Hibachis and TADAC) or NAD combo (C565BEE and C375BEE). I've read the Rega Brio-R can handle the MMGs well, so a combo of that plus a Rega DAC sounds plausible as well.

If anyone has experience with these combos I'd love to hear. Appearance is a factor, as is usability, so I think the Hibachi/TADAC is on the low end of that, with the Rega on the top end. But getting the MMGs to sing is key!
That's a pretty big room for MMGs.
I was a bit off on room size. It's actually 18'x15'. I was planning to pull the MMGs 3'+ off the wall with my listening position 7'-8' from the speakers. Sound more plausible?
Meskandar, if it sounds good to you,that's all that matters.
Here's another thought, particularly if your source material is strictly digital:

You might consider an HK990 integrated amp and a pair of quality subs. The HK provides a quality dac, digital x-over, and room correction, as well as a Citation derived power amp section w/ 150 wpc. I've used a similar (tho not HK brand) set-up w/MMGs and the results can be pretty stunning.

The HK offers the sub controller functionality at an (other than multi-channel AVR.... AFAIK) unmatchable +/- $1500, and a pair of SVS or Rythmik subs will cost about the same. Add your MMGs and your CD player and you'll have a pretty fantastic full range, room corrected system with a healthy dose of Maggie's planar magic thru all but the bottom 2 octaves.

Good Luck,