Single play or multi play digital players.

Other than the obvious of 1 disc or 2 or more discs, is there any info one needs to consider when choosing a DVD/CD player? I've noticed alot of the more sought out players are single play units. Is it because of quality of the playback. I hope my question is clear I'm not speaking of formats that can be played back but the unit's actual capacity.

I think there are two factors that contribute to the idea that "more sought out players are single play units".

First, at the same price point, it would seem that more attention and dollars are paid to sonics in a single play unit because there is no expensive/design considerations paid to the mechanics of changing the disc. Think about a typical inexpensive multi-disc player: What percentage of the cost of the unit is taken up by the mechanical system who's sole function is presenting a disc to the transport?

Secondly, I think Audio/electronic companies know their intended customers. There is a general perception in the "higher-end" community that multi-disc players are inferior to single disc players. Therefore, the electronic companies are giving the consumer exactly what they want. Also, if you can build a single disc player for $50 and sell it for $1000, or build a multi-disc player for $55, but only sell it for $900, which would the manufacturer choose?

If I recall correctly, you are looking for a $100 DVD/CD player. Given that budget, I would stick with a single disc player. I've read many good reviews of the recent $50-70 Toshiba players for example.

Now, if you can reallocate your $500 budget to $150 for DVD player and $350 for speakers, you might be able to get a decent sounding multi-disc player.

I think you need to decide which is most important, sonics vs. convenience. When you have made the decision, then post asking for suggestions for "Any good $100 DVD players" or "Any good sub-$150 multi-disc DVD players" , etc.


Thnks Reubent. I understand your explanation. To me listening to music a multiplayer made more sense, in the case of my other family members who would put more emphasis on movie watching I saw no sense have a multiplayer. Since I'm already compromising I'll stick with my budget. The new post is underway.
I have a nine year old Technicks changer. I compared it with Denon 2900, Arcam 73 and Rotel 1072. None of those mentioned sounded better than the Technicks. They did sound a bit different but not necessarily better.