Single layer 2 channel v. multichannel v. hybrid?

I have purchased a 2 channel SACD player (Sony SCD-1). In shopping for new music, I am wondering if I should buy only single layer 2 channel SACD's. Are there any compromises whatsoever in the other formats? Does the presence of another layer (either multichannel SACD or redbook CD) on the disc affect playback at all?
It would be nice to play my new SACD's on my crappy car stereo, or on my crappy Bose Wave radio (is it okay to say Bose on this forum?), but I would easily give up that ability and buy SACD only if I thought that there was a sonic benefit to doing so.
Seems like if I buy 2 channel SACD only, I can only play them on the Sony. I'm okay with that. If I buy hybrid, I can play them in the car or on the Bose, also. I'm okay with that, but I would not want to buy that ability at the expense of reduced quality on the Sony. If I buy multichannel, I have no idea what I would do with one of those. Play it on my friend's XA777ES?
The multichannel will also play in stereo. I have a Sony DVP-S9000ES DVD/SACD player that is stereo only. It plays multichannel discs fine. I wouldn't worry so much about the formats, sound quality has more to do with the recording process. I've heard good and not so good recordings in the single layer, hybrid and multi-channel format. Just using SACD's limits your musical selection enough, buy which discs represent your musical tastes, and don't worry about the format. That's just my opinion.

Jmcgrogan2 said exactly what I would say.