Single, internal bi wire or internally?

I am new to the tube stereo system coming from Solid state I dont even want to look back. I have spent over $7k on my system and I am still not done.

I have been shopping for the best option speaker cables and interconnects for my Shanling STP 80 Amp SACD T200 Cd player. However, I am kinda confused about the cable setup. I have a pair of VR'2 speakers with 4 inputs in the back of the speakers. Some tell me single run with jumpers sound better, other say externally bi wired sound best and other talk about internal bi wired. Well, looking into the DH Labs Q10 series of cables and possibly the interconnects and afterward a good AC Cord which I have no idea as of yet for the AC cord.

Anyway, what will work best for my taste of bass, clarity, definition and all around outstanding performance? Looking forward to your help and experience and honest opinions

Thank you, Robert (Chicago)
Hi Robert. In my opinion, forget the Q10. I tried them and they didn't have very good transparency or dynamics compared to my MIT T2 biwire cables. You can get some T2s for little more money and they sound MUCH better. Actually, I have had a very hard time finding any cables that beat the T2s appreciably.

I would look at MIT also for the power cord. I have some of the Z-cord IIs and they are excellent for the money. Kind of bulky to deal with but the drop in noise floor is totally worth it.

As for what hook up is best for your speakers, it is hard to say. You could find scenarios to support or refute any of the methods. I have tried jumpers on my speakers a couple times but they never seemed to improve upon the biwire cables so I have given up on jumpers altogether.

Hi Robert - I have to partially agree with Arthur (above) that you should forget the DH Labs cables . They are just not a good match for your speakers either with bi-wire or with jumpers. For far better performance in this setup at about the same price, I would go withthe Analysis Plus Bi-Clear Ovals (or the Oval 12 bi-wire which would be even better). The PNF bi-wire speaker cables shoudl also work well withthis combination and be in the same price range. YES, the VSR speakers will almost always perform better and therefore sound better with bi-wire than they do with single cable/jumpers. Have FUN!
Thanks for your input guy I appreciate your help, wow, I almost purchase a set of wires. Luckily I didnt, will look around at the suggestions and see where I fall into.

Once again, thank you!