Single ended VS Push-pull

Opinion from the owners of the both SE and Push -pull amplifiers.
SET's are satisfactory only with very efficient speakers, otherwise they are poor with dynamics, poor on the bass, rolled off on top, and have artifically sweet mid range. People who are accustomed to harsh electronics are at first charmed by the sweetness, but later find out the truth. Do not buy unless you try the amp with the intended speakers. A good push pull amp is good in all parameters. Joe
The differences depend on the brand of products that you're looking at. In case of Cary for example I concur with Joebar's opinion, but if you look at a company like Lamm, the story is different. They have a killer push/pull amplifier which is among the best in world. But their SET amplifier is just so much more like real music. It does not have any of the dark, syruppy signature sound of a typical SET. The highs are fully extented and the bass will put any solid state to shame. It's extremely neutral and balanced without any hint of hifi or coloration. Yes it does need careful speaker matching, but no more than any other amplifier. For best results, you must always select all the components carefully. rgds, david k.