Single Ended-Parallel or PP Class A Tube Amp?

Hi Guys,

Need some opinion and advise which is better in terms of warmth, sweet tone and near live sound. A Single Ended-Parallel or Push Pull in Class A amp (around 20wpc). Tube reference will be either 6L6GC or KT88. It will drive an 87dB / 8 ohms loudspeakers for jazz, acoustic and vocal music.

Thank you in advance for your inputs. :)
87db is a little weak for 20 watts. It will only get you 90db@2watts, 93@4, 96@8, 99@16.
That doesn't leave much for dynamic headroom or solid bass. You will feel like you are missing something.
Single ended triode may sound the weakest. I'd go for 50+ of Pentode or ultralinear at a minimum with those speakers.
What are the dimensions of your room, and at what decibel level do you typically listen?
Whether or not your speaker has smooth impedance and phase plots and was designed for low/no-feedback tube amps are the most important pieces of information.

That and the volume level & room size.
i agree with paul, the impedence curve of your speakers and the quaility of the amps power supply and it`s transformers matter more than a strict power requirement. Twenty quality watts should be fine and provide good bass for acoustic jazz. a good single ended amp is hard to beat with this kind of music.
Hi Guys,

Thank you for the informations, my room is about less 30sqm and I only listen on the ambiance level. I heard that 87dB can be driven by a 16wpc tube amp that's why I'm eyeing on a 20wpc.

I think I'd better go for at least 90dB of loudspeaker for me to fully utilize the 20wpc Class A.

Thank you once again.