Single-Ended or Balanced Digital Question

I have an Accustics Arts Drive 1 transport running to a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 DAC. I've heard over and over again that the balanced output is a lot better than the single-ended output on the Drive 1. I'm using a Sonoran digital cable, which I chose and replaced my old Stereovox HDXV.

My Question: is there some way to keep the Tri-Vista DAC and achieve better performance via a mod (like Underwood) or a better single-ended digital cable, buy a Genesis Time Lens and run balanced to it and then single-ended to the Tri-Vista, or is the best performance only achieved through a balanced DAC?

Thanks a million, I'm open to any suggestions.
Hmmm, good question. Balanced is always best. I use an Onix XCD-88 single ended to two Genesis Digital Lens in series. Both lens' outputs are run in balanced XLR connection and the final output is Balanced XLR connection to my DAC (PS Audio Ultralink II/HDCD DAC - 10 years old and still kicks booty). Sonically, balanced is always superior due to the higher signal ratio and balanced noise cancellation. I would consider a balanced upgrade at Underwood if it is a true balanced modification (requires special transformers, etc.). If not, then go balanced to a lens and then single ended to the DAC. Can not go wrong. The jitter elimination due to much finer clocking and the dithering improve the digital signal immensely. Further, the lens dumps all of the extraneous garbage that is on the CD like the time clock data, etc., and so the data sent to the DAC is pure, L/R digital signal info to process so the processor only has to handle that data. Everything is so much more pure, clean and sweet in comparison with straight in. I could never live straight in to a DAC ever again.

Sonically, balanced is always superior due to the higher signal ratio and balanced noise cancellation.

Not true.
I remember once doing extensive comparisons of balanced and unbalanced feeds between my transport and dac. This was before I got into universal players and sacd. I concluded that I could hear a slight difference but not one that would cause me to conclude that one was better.