Single-ended integrated amp for $1k or under?


I'm looking for a SET integrated amp for $1000 or under, to drive a pair of Silverline Sonatinas. Any suggestions?

you might try an Audio Note OTO which is an integrated EL84 with 10 watts of very nice sound. One of those should be less than a grand with a phono section. It is a single ended amplifier.
As in your previous post, you stated that you listen almost exclusively to classical, why not consider the following:
Buy the SR-17's listed here for $1500 (a bargain for an amazing speaker), and combine it with the Audion Silver Night MKII that is for sale here. Audion does not have a lot of coverage here in the US, but I listened to one at a local dealer here in Sacramento, and was astounded by the drive and clarity of that amp. The ad lists that amp at $1700, and they retail for $3800. You get 7 watts of blissful, SET sound. If you aim for an integrated, $1000 will get you little return in the SET realm, in my opinion.
Used Audio Note OTO for 750; at least, it was there yesterday. I very, very good integrated amplifier with an excellent phono section.
Have you tried the Sun Audio flea-powered amp. Class A in stereophile. It is only 4 wpc, so it will need 91db+. How sensitive are your speakers?