Single Ended Class A Solid State?

Just curious other then the Pass Labs Aleph Series amps what other amps are Pure Single Ended Class A solid state designs? are there any new amps currently being made that are this design?

The BAT SS amps get close. They bridge two single ended gain stages.
Monarchy Audio SM-70, SM-70 Pro....


Not currently being made, but have a reputation of being outstanding SS class A amps nonetheless:

Bedini 25/25 and 10/10

Levinson ML-2

BTW, I don't think Pass Lab is currently building Aleph series amps anymore. I believe they were discontinued in 2000.

If you want a pure class A amp for a good price pick up one of those Aleph 3 or Aleph 30 units. Like Marco said, they are not making them anymore. One word, though; the Aleph 3 can be difficult to wire up to some spades due to it having a recessed termination area. That is what I've been told; the Aleph 30 is a more traditional looking sized unit (as opposed to a cubish heat sink) with the usual arrangement of terminations on the rear.

I have no experience with either amp but it is on my short list of amps to acquire should I tire of messing with tube amplifiers (not likely). Bear in mind that these amps draw a lot of power relative to their power output and run VERY hot. If they are in a small room in the summer and no AC it might get a wee bit warm. Same for single ended tube amps, of course; that is why I keep a push/pull little Bryston around...for real hot days when I want to listen.

The Aleph 3 and 30 are great values at around 800 used. 1000 is too much unless prices are already starting to rise as more people appreciate the merits of these modestly powered single ended amps. Some six months back it seemed like there were more of these things floating about for sale but that is just a guess.