Single-ended amps with Martin Logans

I own a pair of Aerius Martins and want to go for the singled ended amps has anyone out there tried this combo? I am considering Audio Electronics AE-1 Signature ( 5 watts ) or perhaps a Bottlehead ( 3.5 watts) Any other advice? I did listen to the new Klipsh and they sound great but really don't want to part with my Aerius at the same time I thik the sound would be better that my Aerius with my Rogue 88 that I'm using.
Dekay, Your's was the first mention I've heard of Decware. Well, I just spent a couple of hours there, and it's an awesome site. It truly seems as though these guys now what they're doing!! Thanks.
SF: Check out also if you have not been there. These seems to be the two cheap SET camps that divide the States at this time (will it never end). From what I gather at the SET forum at Audio Asylum (which is like studying the Torah) the Decware (cheapo) is more hifi re: sound stage and the likes and the Bottlehead monoblock (cheapos) are more in your face and may be more musical. Again they are entry level stuff but they look like a lot of fun and something to do. In another thread I read that Carl at this site has purchased the Bottlehead kits and hopefully he will post a review when they are up and running. I wonder how they sound with MIT cables?
Dekay: So Carl Eber studied the torah? oy vey! Nevertheless, that was a very funny post... "with MIT cables?" heh heh. You think he might have something to say about the Bottlehead? I'm sure, and I look forward to it. I was reading Gizmo's article in Listener, and I think I understand the seeming fact that SET amps are a religion. Gee, maybe they have a way to have their iron drive my 10Ts! Later.
Roger! I have an Art Audio Jota. It's a great amp, but I would never expect it to drive the Aerius. Have you done this? And which Art amp are you talking about? I tried driving Inner Sound Eros with Cary 805Cs. This speaker is bi-amped with a solid state amp running the woofers, and is 96db efficient. Otherwise, I would have never tried it. Sounded like @3%4! The cruel impedence of Electrostats just don't cut it for SETs. I've heard the Viva will drive Sound Labs, but an Aerius owner probably isn't looking to spend that much on an amp.
Hi Nick! I just sold a Placette active line stage. It is one of the best pre-amps I've ever had. Read the reviews on it in TAS and Soundstage. The remote volume control was reviewed awhile back in TAS. They said it was very transparent, but did what all passives do....soften the dynamics and compress at high volume.