single driver with bass...????

since I am now happy and feel complete with my reference system with the avantgarde Uno.Currently I am toying around with single driver system to see what the fuss is all about.My first single driver is the Omega Grande 6 that stereophile and a few other reviewers was raving about.I was so disappointed with the bottom end when listening to this all the bass that single driver can put out?How can i improve the bottom end? the rest of my system are cd+dac with the supratek pre-amp and i ve tried it with welborne 300B mono,monarchy sm70 pro,dynakit and my wavac amplifier...please advice.thanks
The Omega Grande 6 isn't exactly built for bass.LOL
You have a small 6 inch low excursion driver in a small bass reflex ain't going to happen. You need subs to fill in the bottom or get much larger single driver speakers. There are some large single drivers that get into the 20 Hz range easily. You just need to know where to look.
The Grande 6 is lucky if it makes it down to 100Hz ..which I seriously doubt. Here's a site to help you along the way Single Driver website. The Grande 6 is mainly designed for the midrange on up ..not for bass.
The parameters on the Jordan fullrange drivers imply pretty good bass, though you pay for it in efficiency.

If you want good bass with high efficiency in a single-driver speaker, I suggest you look at Supravox and PHY, and be prepared to pay a lot more than a Fostex driver costs.

getting real bass from a horn/set combo is like having an encounter with bigfoot. i hope you like whispy female singers and have a distain for rock and classical.
I can't attest to this personally, but, a respected Audiogoner (Sean) has suggested that the original Ohm's with authentic Walsh drivers might be the most sucessfull attempt to date. I suggest you check the archives for his posts on the subject.
Fertin 20EX will get you from 40K to 20K in a cabinet. Some get 32hz to 20Khz but here again it depends on the cabinet. In an open baffle you'll need a 15 inc to go to 20Khz. They'll go down to 100khz maybe 80khz in an open-baffle. But here again, it depends on the quality of the bass and the sound you'll get with different full range. The Fertin don't have a tweeter, it's a true full range, well at leat as close as you can get .
Simplify things and get a second, separately amplified unit for the bass. OR get ready to work on a transmission line/ back horn/etc AND even there, you'll have trouble getting the phase right. There are available plans for cabinets around the Jordans (good designs) -- as Audiokinesis suggests. In fact there are good kits available; try Hammer Dynamics for one.

Fertin & Supravox and Phy offer excellent (~8" units) but they are very expensive. BTW, Laurentgilles above means Hertz obviously -- not kHz -- when referring to a 15" unit on an open baffle:)
Ttrhp, if you don't mind, how did you like the Monarchy? I've heard it's really good for an inexpensive amp if you don't need the power.
I have Phy KM 30 SAG's in an open baffle that go down to 40Hz before any roll-off. I supplement with a Velodyne DD12 below that.
Cdc: The monarchy is a great little amp for the money.It run a little hot,but still alot cooler compare to can get one on the used market for under $400.. thanks guy for all the imfo on single driver.I think i am going to try the fostex 200A driver.
Have you consider coaxial speakers?
They sound quite good.
IMHO.. the F200A is a move in the right direction. Don't bother hooking up flea powered amplifiers to them. You need a good 40 or 50 wpc or more to wake up the big alnico drivers. You will give up efficiency but gain better bass and dynamics. They are great for nearfield listening, where head banging SPLs aren't needed. They also do classical very well if that's important to you. I also agree with you on the Monarchy is one sweet little amplifier!

Good Luck!
Check out the JLM/2 from Carolina Audio. Not sure how they'll do with your amps, but I've heard them with some <30wpc amps and was really impressed with their bass response...
Try the Hammer Dynamics Super-12 speaker kit. They feature custom 12" Emminence single-drivers with a supertweeter crossed in above 10kHz. The kit includes all the crossover parts needed, too - everything except the easily built cabinet.

I own a pair and it is the best, unassisted, bass I have heard from a single driver system. They pack punch and depth to 45Hz.

My 6 foot tall Cain & Cain I-Bens go as low(at 15x the cost), but not with the same punch. But, I use a pair of passive C&C Bailey subs to get the rest.

Don't let the price fool anyone, the Hammers are really something special. Especially, after doing all the simple mods listed on the old Single Driver Website Super-12 Tweaks page. Some simple x-over mods and it becomes a bigtime contender in the under $2k single-driver field. Luckily, the kits come stock with Solen Hepta-Litz inductors, a big part of the x-over upgrade.
Bob Brines FT-1600 mkII have tremendous bass.
Howdy Pete,

I finally let go of your Twins and AR Complete a few motnhs back. They got relagated to 3rd system status in the bedroom that never really got used.

Did you get the FT-1600? Your A'gon system still shows the MMG's. The specs on that speaker look great.