Single driver speakers without the pitfalls?

In researching SET amps, I have learned a lot more about the sort of high efficiency speakers that they are typically paired with, including single driver models like Omega, Blumenstein, Teresonic, etc.
The advantages of these designs are well acknowledged: coherence, imaging, high-efficiency and so forth.
At the same time, there seem to be equally well acknowledged drawbacks to these designs: Limited bass response, rolled off highs, and a harshness or "shout" in the upper midrange.
Some designers, like Tekton and Zu, seem to take the approach of getting the best of all worlds by joining a wide range driver to a tweeter of some sort. (To some extent, my Reference 3AM De Capo monitors take this approach.)
What I'm curious to learn is whether you think there are any single driver, full range systems that transcend the above limitations.
Eager to hear your thoughts.
The right 2 way system with a compression driver would open up your ears and eyes. Small room, yes. Directness, yes. Much lower distortion, great dynamics.
All fullrange driver get some weakness points, it is reason
why audiophile prefer traditional 3 way design. The best
idea the using Full range driver in 500-10000 Hz region.
No any full range driver FRD coudnt compare with good woofer
Any whizzer cone coudnt compare with Air transformer to
produce good high, any thing else is the dreams. Also
all FRD get suckout in midbass, so if you add Sub is not solve the problem
Well, saying what audiophiles prefer is not necessarily a great point of credibility, based on what sells in the audiophile market! How about what music lovers prefer?
Okay THANK YOU! :-)
Got the first box from Brian a couple of days ago and will post blog photos and pics soon. Packed like a labor of love, I'll say that!
Two more boxes to go. One heavy one with transformers due in a couple of days and a third after that with some tubes that were backordered.
No plans to dump my De Capos any time soon...
Open baffle fr (visa ton b200 imo) with 15" Hawthorne Augie... You run the visaton or fostex, lowther etc full range and connect a plate amp with pages and xover to the Augie. Game over.
I just came from listening to a $200,000 pair of SOTA speakers, and I prefer the 'cheap' ob. I've tried back loaded horns, various boxes etc. Once I heard single drivers I knew there was no turning back.... But. Always the but.
Google Gravity well of a dark star.
There are many ways to flog a horse so please don't flame me.
But no tannoys, or conventional speakers come close to the OB's in the areas that move me an make me irrationally wild and passionate about this hobby and music in general.
Augies. I swear.