Single-driver speakers for 2W 45 SET monoblocks

My wonderful Welborne 45 SET monoblocks will be built shortly (shortly after I start them, that is). I have/had intended to use my Zu Druids with them, but as this system is for fun & experimentation, I want to try some other speakers too. I like the Druids but have heard other single drivers, like the Omegas, that I liked better.

So, I'm looking for some other speakers in the 99db+ sensitivity range. The problem is that that makes things pretty difficult. The 96dB Omegas, and horns in the 95-96 range, might be sensitive enough, but I think that is borderline for 2W amps. I would like to stay in the 98dB and up range, unless I get first-hand recommendations from folks using 45s with them. I like to listen with about 95db peaks 10' away, large room.

Price range is $3K new at the most. Thanks for any ideas.

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Thanks, Duke. I was listening to the Druids tonight (with my current Dared 2A3 SET amp) and really digging them. They are definitely really killer on some types of music. So, I want to buy used only to audition against the Druids, and sell what I like least. Maybe the Druids will beat all comers. I'll look into the Klipsches - thanks, I would not have thought of that!
Miklorsmith - In a nutshell, the Druids do not sound tonally correct to me on a lot of music/instruments. Piano is one category. I have come to the conclusion, along with others, that there is just something not right about using the 10" driver for the mids. It works less than perfectly. I hope I'm not going to get flamed for this. I'm not a musician, but what I hear is what I hear. So many love them - I don't know. Maybe I haven't feed them the proper amplification yet. Currently a Dared 2A3 integrated.

Duke - Thanks for turning me on to the La Scalas! One of my very early hifi "near mind-boggling" experiences was listening to Klipschhorns at a local dealer here in Milwaukee. I have not heard a Klipsch speaker in over 15 years, however. I'm going to have to rectify that.

What I'm interested in doing is getting as close as I can to the incredible sound Ron had going in his room at RMAF with those utterly massive, $55K compression-driver horns. Since the La Scalas are in the same category (compression-driver horns), at 1/10th the price, that is probably a good place to look.

Shipping is certainly an issue. 350lb uncrated for the pair! Yikes!

I have no money for this venture at the moment, but, as I said, I'm certainly going to pursue it.

That room was definitely THE most lifelike music I've ever heard, at least on small-scale jazz. Now, my main system, which is Green Mountain C3s driver by 845 SETs still amazes me nearly daily, but I wonder if I could put something together with these 45s for a lot let money that would do the same (or better?).

I know I should probably do vinyl too. No doubt, the sound in that room could not have been approximated with digital. What am I waiting for? I don't know. I just don't want to buy a TT setup and all the LPs I'd want. I'll have to remain happy with digital for a little while longer at least, if not for good.
Two things. 1st, I want to retract what I said about Zu tonality - in a nutshell, it was the room. Re-placement and treatments solved it. A bit embarrassed about that.

I also decided to forego the La Scalas due to too many people telling me 2W would not cut it, even with 1st order networks.

I also do not think 2W will quite cut it with the Druids, based on my experience with 2A3s. They barely cut it at nearly twice the power.

So I am about back to square one. I am now looking for a horn-loaded single-driver 100dB/W or better. I know of several, but all are too pricey for me (Rethm, Beauhorn, Vivaldi...). Budget is $3K new, max. Any recommendations in that area? Oh, no DIY. I'm building amps, but no speakers.
Thank you for the replies to my year-old thread.

Since that time, I have bought and sold approximately 6,000 pieces of audio gear and have learned quite a bit more.

I sold my Welborne kits without building them, and they were recently sold here by their new owner who did an impeccable job on construction (as he always seems to). I have since owned Fi 45 monos and the Yamamoto 45 - both of them superb in their own wau.

I have owned several BLH speakers including my favorites, Lamhorns, which do indeed play beautifully on the wonderful 45. However, dynamics improve substantially with more power.

For me, there are a few more powerful amps can come very close the sweetness and "rightness" of the 45, but none of them quite match it.
To clarify further: I now own 45 and PX-25 amps and also am not longer in the market for speakers.