Single driver speakers. Are they worth considering ?

I don't mean electrostatic. How close to a full range speaker can you come with single driver ?
Hi riaa, 
Looks aside, have you heard a Charney? If nothing else if would provide a nice context to compare with  the Nenuphar Mini. Congratulations on your purchase. 
Nope. If I cant get past the appearance I dont care if to my ears they are the best sounding speaker I ever heard. I wouldnt own them.  The guy is like a 20 minute drive from my Hometown. I wouldnt waste his time by having an audition. Wouldnt be fair to him since I know I wont buy em. Just 1 person's opinion. Im sure they are amazing. Maybe if I lose my eyesight I'll grab a pair
Charney released a new version of the Maestro to accommodate those with smaller rooms. 8” Lii Voxativ or AER driver of your choice and can be finished pretty much any way you might want. They have a more traditional squared off style with the horn facing the floor. BTW they sound incredible for what they are!! 
FWIW All of the Charney designs are made from wood. Void free Baltic Birch plywood, wood veneers, and solid wood accents.  No particle board, compressed paper, or vinyl veneers.

The Maestro looks like a skinny OMEGA Speaker Model.  Too bad he doesnt design one to look like a LII AUDIO CRYSTAL 10 Model. Those are REALLY nice looking IMHO
One thing I forgot to mention. Specs for loudspeakers are extremely misleading. No 10 inch driver goes flat to 30 Hz in a normal room not even 10" subwoofer drivers. The measurement was taken very near field under anechoic conditions. None of these single driver systems produce any real output below 100 Hz and Ralph is quite correct. The driver flaps at 30 Hz just the same even though it can not project that frequency in a room. This doppler distorts all other frequencies. Roll off the bass at 100 Hz and the speakers will magically get cleaner. This is the same for large one way ESLs, removing the bass increases headroom and detail to unheard of levels. 
Many speakers make due with just mid bass. Our brains, tricky things that they are, extrapolate the fundamental. 40 Hz is more palpable than audible. Real bass you feel. If you do not feel anything there is no real bass. This is what makes live performances so incredible, the palpability of the music.
Big drivers beam treble which is fine as long as you sit square on with the driver at ear level. I have been living with beamy loudspeakers for decades. Ralph is right again. Whenever you see whizzer cones, run away! It does not matter how fancy the magnet looks. Whenever you see "fancy" in a driver, run away. Some of the fanciest looking drivers are the junk they sell for cars. If it looks good it must sound good? Right.