Single Driver Recommendations + amp Qs, Omega?

Thinking of trying out a pair of Single Driver speakers. Looking for a bookshelf monitor and the Omega Super 3R seemed to pop up quite a bit in some older (5+ yrs.) posts. Looking to find a used pair at $500 or less. Besides the Omega, anything else I should look for? Are there British single driver monitors in this range?

It seemed most were using low output tube amps to drive the Omegas. Can the Omegas or other single driver monitors be driven with a solid state amp? I have a Magnum Audio MF330 Mofset 2x150W amp. Is this amp OK for Omega's or other single driver monitors?
I am not familiar with your Magnum Audio amp. I use the Bedini 25/25 (solid state) to drive my Omega Super 8 Alnico XRS and am very pleased with the musical presentation of this combination. The pre in this system is the Quicksilver linestage.
You can easily find a used pair on Audiocircle. I believe there have been several pairs on there in the last few months.
Giving a phone call to Louis Chochos at Omega Loudspeakers may be the place to start.

For the last few months, he has been developing a new line of speakers (Hoyt Bedford). The Type 1 would make for a bigger bookshelf speaker, but it looks very tempting.

I used both a tupe amp (Prima Luna) and solid state receiver(vintage Marantz) to drive my Super 3R speakers for a few years and enjoyed both.

Another speaker to consider is the JohnBlue JB3. I'm using a pair with a 10-watt tube amp in a nearfield setup in my office. I love them.

I can't advise about your amp question, I've used the JB3's only with fairly low power SS and tube amps.
you could also check out the Tekton 4.5
Thanks for the replies. Is there a British Single Driver monitor (~6 inch driver) available?
Rich (Rar1) -- Talked to Louis today regarding the Hoyt-Bedford Type 1. The speakers look fantastic and I'm also tempted and intrigued.
My sister has a set of Omega Super 5XRS driven to great effect by a little 5 watt Almarro 205a amp. 150 watts is way overkill.
I know, the 150W amp is overkill. Now strongly considering the Hoyt-Bedford Type 1 from Louis at Omega Speakers. I will use a 60W Rega Mira integrated amp instead.
Those Hoyt-Bedfords look fantastic. I wish I had another room to try out a pair. Good luck and make sure to give us some feedback!
For years I drove Omega Grande 8R with 3 watts of Moth S2A3 SET in a 28x17x8 room. Crazy, I know, but it worked! At 96 db efficiency, the Omegas couldn't shake the furniture and would strain somewhat at high SPLs but still sounded remarkably intimate and immediate while reaching down surprisingly low. (They're spec'ed down to 45 Hz.) Now I'm pushing 18 push-pull triode watts via a Manley Stingray II and the sound is more powerful and full in the space while still retaining that special single-driver ability to communicate music directly. Never tried SS but my guess is that any hardness in the amp would be communicated directly, too.
"the Omegas couldn't shake the furniture and would strain somewhat at high SPLs "

What I actually meant was that the Moth S2A3 amp would stain at high SPLs. The Omegas can take a lot of power without strain. Excuse my mis-speaking.
Morganc - Not 100% sold on these yet, but if I do get them I will share my impressions.
Stevensctt: The competitor I would look at would be the Tekton Lores. The reviews are great so far and the price is stellar. It is a bit over budget, but i bet that there sales prices will soon rise.
Morganc - Thanks for pointing me to the Tekton Lore, worth a look.
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