single disc sacd player for 300 used

Im looking to try out sacd on a budget.
I would prefer a single disc player as I feel its more bang for the buck.
I know there arent many sacd's avaliable,especially in rock/metal but the list seems to be growing.I like the idea of sacd players being good for redbook too.
I am interested in the sony c-333es but its a 5 disc and the price for used is average $400 or so.Whats another sony sacd player 1 disc that would sound as good as a 333es?
Im sure I will get replies to skip sacd and get a standard CD player.Im open to suggestions.
I had a original Rega Planet and I want better sound so skip the planet recommendations please.I didnt like the transport lid at all either.
Thanks all!
David - my advice is to look for a 775 multi-disc player as for the life of me I can't think of a single disc SACD player at that price point in the US. The 775 is reported to be killer on both SACD and redbook given its very modest price and can be modded by someone like Matt Anker to bring it up to what is purported to be excellent for somewhere in the vicinity of $600 total. No connection to Matt as I own a "Kerned" 333ES cdp.

The only other unit that is single disc for cheap is the Sony XE670 unit that can still be found here in Canada in limited numbers for about $200 Cdn (about $130 US).

There are reports of new units around the corner so maybe if you have the patience tough it out until CES in January to see the new models.
Better sound than the Planet for $300? I would suggest stealing maybe a 9000es. It is probably a step up from the Rega. I hate to be one of those people who suggest what they have for sale, but RCD-971 is quite adept to metal music. Good bass, a little forward, pretty detailed and no warmth. Just don't buy it from me (wink, me) Good luck
I think the only thing that comes close to your criteria would be to buy a Sony DVD-NS500V for $150 and then get it modified by either or Before sending the Sony out for mods, I would suggest trying it out to make sure it works ok. I bought 2 of them and one was defective-would shut itself off after about 1/2 hour or so of playing time.
David99, I think you need to get the 333ES.

I own one, and despite being a 5 disc changer(I worried about this also), it does feature good sound. I tried the CD775 and NSV500, and both are more thin, harsh, and edgy. The ES player is a great deal more smooth, with a powerful low end that is difficult to find in most sub $750 CD players. It seems as if Sony takes a step back in sound with each release of SACD players they put out. Maybe the 999ES will be different. But, I think that our hope now for SACD players is for companies like Adcom, Arcam, Linn, Music Hall, Musical Fidelity, Rega, and Rotel to take the baton from Sony in the same way that they did CD.

I would say that the 333ES is a little slow sounding and not a detail freak, but if you were OK with the Rega, you'll be fine with this. On Redbook, my Music Hall MMF25 is superior(faster, more refined and detailed), but that player is the best buy in high end these days IMHO.

If you are looking into multichannel, you will need to look elsewhere. The 333ES is strictly 2 channel, which I prefer.
Im leaning toward a Sony XE-670.I found 2 for sale for $250 each.Thats more then list but Ive been told its because they are hard to come by.
One seller told be he thought the XE-670 was basically a single drawer XE-555 ($1800 list)???
Also Ive been told the XE-670 blows the doors off the Planet in redbook.Of course thats just what Ive been told.I have to go by what others say.
Treija-Good to 'see' you again.Yes the 333 looks like the killer bargain but those damn 5 disc players make me wonder if most of the money goes into them and all the fancy programming you can do with them.
I dont need to program and never bothered and I only have 20 or so CD's to begin with.I like the basics of a single disc player and I do feel you get more for your money (dac).Remember I was once a vinyl-phile? I sold my entire collection of LP's and I'm now just beginning to want to kick myself in the ass for doing it.Someday again I will get back into vinyl but for now its time to explore the digital world.
David: I think the Sony you mentioned is available in Canada at Future Shop for $199 Canadaian (or about $135 U.S.) That being said, it might be worth a short (maybe a month or two) wait for the Philips DVD 963SA at $399 if you can stretch. 24/192 upsampling, progressive scan DVD with the latest video chip and technology, SACD, detachable power cord, separate audio and video circuitry etc. etc. Seems like this is a player offering a great deal of "current state of the art" at a very affordable price that a lot of people are waiting for.
HDM - tried to locate a XE-670 but not sure there are many left if any via Futureshop here in Canada (can't seem to locate it on their website). I thought I might see if it was worth modding and there is always the return policy if modders don't think the platform is any good.

I'm with Joe and love my 333ES - was very good in stock form but is heaven after mods.
I have never heard of the XE - 670, thanks for clueing me in about it!

I would welcome the opportunity of hearing what this player sounds like. So far, my impressions of the Sony players is that they can be nice. But, as we go further down the SACD road, both the build and sound quality take steps backwards. We are now at the point where the newer players are just $99 Sony DVD/CD players with SACD thrown in. Then, we audiophiles are disappointed when the Redbook performance is not up to what we are used to.

Please don't forget about what the ES designation buys you with Sony. The players are built in Japan, as opposed to China. This is instantly apparent. Build quality is several levels better, and is the reason that they come with a 5 year warranty. Every button, knob, and mechanism is perfect on my player. Substantial, better than a lot of audiophile makes. I believe that ES is geared toward the high end. I think my player is either 28 or 35 pounds.

Regular Sony stuff seems to be junk. In contrast to the 333ES player, everything seems to feel as if it could fall off at any time. Alignment of buttons, drawer, fascia, and knobs look like a second grader put it together. The AMS knob on the NSV - 500 and 900(what they tell you to buy in lieu of the discontinued 9000ES) leave me wondering if they will make it through the 1 year warranty period.

The Marantz players I have heard have been OK.

The thing that bothers me the most about multichannel players(DVD - A also) is how they always revert to multichannel mode. As if 2 channel playback is an annoyance to them. I first noticed this while auditioning a power amp with a Marantz SACD player. The sound was horribly wrong. But, we figured it out, and all was then fine. However, every time we loaded a new disc in, we needed to "traverse" the menu to set it up for 2 channel, or everything was again wrong.

Hopefully, you can check out the XE - 670 player, and it makes you happy. If not, be patient. I think the audiophile brands will be bring SACD players to market in the next 18 months.
Just to inform you all,I just sent payment of $220 inc. delivery for a NIB XE-670
I think its worth a listen.
Thank you all for your input!