Single Channel Attenuator

I'm looking for a single channel, single ended, passive attenuator. I could build one, but would prefer to just buy it. I would like the cost to be low, under $100. This does not need to be audiophile grade but it can't be of poor quality either. It is being used to set a level for some basic acoustical measurements. Any ideas or products or companies that may have such a device would be helpful.

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Thanks I think the mouser or Gibson is just what I need.
Thanks for the tip on mouser. It seems they are all raw parts, which is not what I need. I need a finished product. Yes, we could design and make it ourself very cheaply, but since I only need about 10 or 12 units and I need it to look finished it's not cost effective to build it myself or have our engineers design it. Looks like the Gibson suggestion will work well--I'll try Sam Ash and some other music stores (perhaps some local ones).