Single box tube linestage preamp - $3,000 used

Unfortunately I have to replace my 2-box Atma-sphere MP-1 with a one box unit due to cabinet re-configuration. I realise I will take a big hit sonically, but alternative is to replace cabinet and wife. Too expensive.
Requirements: Remote; At least 4 RCA inputs, 1 XLR input.
Not interested in ss and dont need phono - have great phono preamp. Aesthetix Calypso has replaced it, but need preamp for second system.
Amps: Thor TA 30 Mk II Class A.
Suggestions please.
Bat VK-32SE
If you have a great phono amp I would suggest getting (or at least trying) a Doge 8 preamp. It lists under $1,500 and is excellent by any standards. It even has phono outs, but that section, while quite good, is not up to the excellent linestage quality of the preamp. You would have to go up to a fairly tricked out Audio Horizons preamp to equal its performance. Above that, you would have to opt for a Coincident Technologies Linestage at $5,000--and that only has 2 inputs, but it is a glorious preamp that is as good as any regardless of price.

ARC LS-26 (but this is a very neutral design)
A used AudioValve Eklipse can be had for your price. Check out the reviews and do some research. Its also one of the best looking components you'll find. Good luck in your search.
I second Allchemie's suggestion of the Audio Horizon 2.2 preamp. With the addition of the new warmer sounding wiring harness and Cu V caps this one is a real winner. It also provides you with your requirement of 4 RCA inputs and one XLR input and can be had with remote.
I do know a dealer for AudioValve, so getting one is easy. Maybe I could talk him out of a floor sample. I would like the hear from any owners on their thoughs and what amps they have used with good effect.
Does the Eklipsa have balanced outs or is the XLR just for the "theater bypass" ?
Consider a Modwright:
Audio Horizons. Get great reviews. I need 2 XLRs to use in my main sytem instead of the Calypso. Will call the manufacturer. Thanks for the suggestion!
All fitted out with one XLR in and out it comes to $5,800!!
I wonder what the sonic difference is between the upscaled and basic $2,75 0version? Anyone know?
If your budget could stretch to $4k, and if your cabinet or domestic tranquility (I hear you, brother!) can handle a moderate sized outboard ps (maybe 6" x 4" x 10" deep) but if it can, you may want to consider a used VAC Ren line stage. Very versatile w XLR and RCA in and out, inputs can be configured for fixed or variable output; great remote and killer fit and finish.
Do you mean the one on A'gon right now for $2,800? Standard LE upgraded tubes?