Single-box systems; a no-interconnect alternative?

What do folks think of going down the single-box system path for CD/DVD/amp combinations (eg some Denon, Arcam, Audio Analogue models)?
Given the constant debate about IC's, their quality and costs, are these modern single-box systems a real alternative? I would assume eliminating audio/video interconnects altogether must have a positive effect on sound quality, and even ensures better component matching.
Too much in one box for me. I've had the old tv/vcr or tv/dvd combos in the past. Never failed that the video player portion went out. I would personally stay clear of them. MHO.
Why not go all the way with a Meridian G95 then.
I've had two all-in-one systems, the NAD L-70 and NAD L-53. The transports failed in both during the first year. Having to put all your electronics in a box and send it off, even for work done under warranty, is discouraging, especially when it takes months to be returned. I wouldn't do it as a primary system because transports so often are a problem, though it could make sense for a second system. On the other hand, I have helped two friends buy Linn Classiks and they've worked very well.