Single box (Streamer + DAC+ Amplifier ) under $1000

All, I have a pair of speakers by Salk (Song 3) and looking for a single box (I am not counting Chromecast Audio in that) that allows me to do the Stream music from my iPhone using Spotify and Tidal. I do not want to have separated to do this job (eg a separate network receiver + DAC + amplifier).

Two options I have come across so far are
1. Onkyo 8270
2. Cambridge Audio CXA80+ Google Chromecast. Though it feels there are many other options for DAC + Amp that would work with Chromecast, including recently released TA 100 by Emotiva. Yamaha A-S801 comes highly recommended too.

My budget is upto $1500, though prefer to stay under $1000.

I do not need video or a CD player or tuner.
The Bluesound POWERNODE 2 comes to mind at your price point.
PS Audio Sprout100 for $599 + Chromecast.
Thank you. In the mix I would also add Yamaha RN803 and Cambridge Audio CXA80+ Chromecast.

any other recommendations? So far I have

1. Google Chromecast + one of the following
    Yamaha AS801
    PS audio sprout100
    Cambridge CXA80
2. One of the following receivers
   Yamaha Rn803
   Onkyo 8270