Singers you like

Let's just post some videos and talk about vocal. I don't like many singers, but those that I do I really do.
Here I go to start:

Loreena McKennitt is very musical, I can see why you like her.

Only current vocalists have good audio and video, consequently I chose Sade; she makes a very appealing video, and I like this vocal.
One more by Loreena. Powerful stuff.

Dusty Springfield "The Look Of Love".

Not for me really, be it voice or looks. By the way, Sade's "Lovers' Rock" album has a few very nice songs, I even have this cd.
Sarah Vaughan You Tube Montreal 83 Send in the clowns
I used to like Sarah Vaughan when I was much younger, haven't heard her for quite some time. Maybe I should.

Anita O'Day is the epitome of a jazz singer, and this is my favorite by her.

She's also got a lot of style. Here she sings a song I don't particular care for, but when she she sings it; it's boss.

I liked the second selection better than the first. I particularly liked the instrumentation and the music.
Needfree I have a recording of her with Count Basie in 1981. It was re-mastered on XRCD. Send in the Clowns is included and it is a stunning performance. Sarah at the top of her game although her voice got a bit smokier as she aged her artistry became more masterful.
Neo-classical, anyone?
Sarah Vaughn did a take on "I'll Be Seeing You" that didn't make it to Live at the Tivoli but did to a budget CD called the Ultimate Sarah selected by Dee Dee Bridgewater. At 5:05 it is almost acapella backed up with a subdued trio. I am not sure I have heard anyone else maintain a song with so little else going on and make it sound so wonderful.
A little heads up about Sarah Vaughan she never sang a song the same way twice. Her Montreal 83 rendition is one of the best performances I know of. Also you tube James Brown and Pavarotti, not sure about the spelling, this is a mans world. Stellar performance.
Just received two awesome CDs today from B&N. Both with unique singers and voices.

1. The Staple Singers - The Best of the VEE-JAY years.
A young staples family. Very unique sound. Great songs. Great CD cover photo. Miss Marvis as a teenager!

2. Erich Kunzel / Cincinnati Pops Orch - ROUND-UP
This is an awesome CD, great western themes and music. The great Frankie Laine doing Vocals. This is truly America's Classical Music. You ain't got it, git it! I ordered the SACD version, but received the red-book version, even it has 'warning' labels on it concerning volume. It's a Telarc, so the difference between sacd and redbook is nil. Outstanding Sound. Be sure your high-end speakers can take it. :)