singers similar to Lucinda Williams

Hi all, I am on the hunt for new music and would be interested in any artist similar to Lucinda Williams, thanks
If you don't have a Pandora account, (free), set one up and build a "Lucinda Williams" station. That will let you listen to similar artists like her.

BTW, I really like Lucinda Williams.
Some have found Mary Gauthier to be similar to Lucinda. Others hear echoes in Kathleen Edwards. You may wish to check them out to see what you think.
There is no singer similar to Lucinda Williams. She's one of a kind and that's what makes her unique. My opinion,YCHYO.
I'm not sure if you mean someone who sounds like Lucinda, or artists in the same vein. No one sounds like her. She is truly one of a kind. But, artists who are similar in genre you might consider:

Steve Earle
Ryan Adams
Alejandro Escovedo
Cowboy Junkies (Margo Timmins and her bros.)
Rosanne Cash
Gillian Welch

. . . to name a few.
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(mofi makes a great suggestion regarding a lw pandora station). i'd put kathleen edwarrds as her closest acolyte (and very near her equal). gillian welch and eilen jewel are also in the same neighborhood.
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Lucinda is pretty special, and nothing directly compares, but some excellent people who are kindred "" spirits are:

Shannon McNally
Julie Miller
Sera Cahone
Kasey Chambers
Amelia Curran
Caroline Herring
Cowboy Junkies
Kendall Carson
Gillian Welch
Emmylou Harris

All of these are excellent. Curran my current favorite. McNally may be closest to Williams, as she rocks the most.

Taylor Swift, after 30 years, three husbands and two stints of rehab.
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A goat that smokes and sounds like car wheels on a gravel road when singing...
Nobody's said Sheryl Crow. There ya go.
Notec, I love Lucinda, and will be seeing her for the third time this summer,but your comment is one of the funniest I have ever read here.
Notec is on a roll: comes out against Memorial Day and Lucinda in two posts. :)
Janis Joplin?