Since my sabbatical

For family reasons - I have been away from audiophile interests for over 15 years. I now have the ability to again restart.

My last real reference for published reviews / opinions that my hands on experiences matched was The Audio Critic (a long time ago). I have a stack of previously SOTA components that need professional restoration as well.

My current attempts at re-entry into reading Audiophile-ism related pubs has left me flabbergasted and confused.

Am I in the right Forum to start a dialog on connecting my real world experiences with the market pubs / beliefs / etc. now?

Questions abound!

PWK maven

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I can't believe it's a sound investment to put any money into the CAL, because the transport will give out sooner rather than later, and then it will be unusable.  Better to invest in something new(er).

So general advice w.r.t. that and other components: start new thread(s) posing specific questions in new terms.  E.g. looking for new or used CD player between $X and $Y. OR: recommendations for someone to refurbish my amplifier manufactured by ABC.