Since my sabbatical

For family reasons - I have been away from audiophile interests for over 15 years. I now have the ability to again restart.

My last real reference for published reviews / opinions that my hands on experiences matched was The Audio Critic (a long time ago). I have a stack of previously SOTA components that need professional restoration as well.

My current attempts at re-entry into reading Audiophile-ism related pubs has left me flabbergasted and confused.

Am I in the right Forum to start a dialog on connecting my real world experiences with the market pubs / beliefs / etc. now?

Questions abound!

PWK maven

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"Q#1: Do I refurbish an old California Audio Labs Icon MK II CD player or simply buy a new unit? If restore the Cal Audio - by whom? If the new route, which one and why?" 

I agree with twoleftears in not putting money into the CAL. If it were me, I would pick up a NEW (or at least one not more than a couple years old) DAC & use the CAL as a transport for however long it lasts.   
I would look for seperates (transport + DAC) instead of the Yamaha. Only because the DAC technology is evolving & improving. You can pick up a Cambridge transport pretty cheap which will give you the funds to buy a new or newer DAC. I've used the cambridge with a new (as of a couple years ago) Audio Alchemy DAC & it was very good.