Since I moved, my Sphinx Project 12 Mono....

Block Amp(right channel only) consistently shuts itself down, into some kind of "protected mode" -- between 15 to 45min. after powering the pair up, to enjoy some vinyl. The routine's the same each time: 1) a singular small "click" occurrs inside the amp. 2)immediately followed by one tiny red light turning on & remaining on. I have to turn the amp off for hrs.before it "resets".

These Monoblocks have performed seamlessly, with such delightful characteristics for 8 yrs. Never before have I experienced any fatigue of response,overheating, or problem/issue of ANY kind. Until this anomaly 'self-shutdown' mode, I experienced the bliss of fantastic Micro-detail, with varying degrees of 'wide' & wonderful stage depth. The Sphinx 12's have always made my Vandersteen 3's sound GREAT. An all-tube Pre-amp, the VK-30SE by BAT --is the only thing I've owned, as well.

I'd like to have some idea, if something's in need of a tune-up with my 12's. It's gonna cost a lot of $$$ just to ship the pair to SILTECH in the Netherlands. Anyone know how to reach SILTECH? I've yet to get a response from them via email.

If more info is needed, for a fellow Goner to troubleshoot my scenario here, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks in advance everyone....
i'd take it to a local tech first. sphinx made great stuff, but i'm not sure about their current status.
Hi Bob,

Try this cell phone number +31 6 5329 5178 (or use and Peter will answer the phone, tell him you got his number from me (Felix)

Peter runs the Sphinx lab factory after he split up with his former partner who now/still runs Siltech.

Good Luck!

Do the Sphinx's switch themselves off with vinyl only?