Sinatra Definitive Gold CD -Deja Vu Label

Has anybody heard the Frank Sinatra Definitive Gold CD
released 1997 by Deja Vu label. There are 100 songs on 5 cd's that is priced at about $21.00? I have noticed in my search of any recording artists as well as classical music, that there can be a great variation in cd quality.
For example, I purchased the My Way 2 CD, the best of Sinatra made in Australia and I found the sound to be awful. What is bad sound to me, on my Quad 988 speakers, with Thor Audio amp, preamp, Blue Note Stibber Improved Cd player, poor recordings have no top end and no bottom end. The sound is thin and tinny. I find this on most rock recordings. Back to Sinatra, on a good recording you hear the Bass Fiddle, in short you hear the instruments as they actually sound. Yet on some recordings after two songsI cannot listen anymore. The sound is so awful that the performance becomes a non issue. Has anybody heard this 5 cd set of 100 great Sinatra songs. I am tired of paying for Cd's and after playing them I am very disappointed. So
maybe a fellow music lover can give me the benefit of his or her opinion.
deja vu is a grey market label, and the quality is extremely poor, at best