SimW5,Bel CantoEVO200.2,ChordSPM600, Your choice?

I recently get new system, which is Sim I-5+ Dynaudio 1.8 MK2. But I realize that I need to get either powerful amp or efficent speaker.
Since I like the sim+dyn combination, I consider sim W5 with tube preamp like EAR 864L or Cary 50B as first choice. But I also curious about the amps which use new technology like Bel Canto EVO200.2, Chord SPM600.

I'd like to know your experience with above gears.

OR Do you think that I'd better get effcient speaker like triangle or audio physic?
I would keep the Dynaudios and get the Sim W-5, it will be an excellent combination. I feel the BelCanto will sound too "lightweight", and can't comment on the Chord.
I read it somewhere that the Chord amps are used in the Dynaudio professional line of speakers. An SPM600 was listed here on Audiogon a while back.
Thanks for your suggestion!