Simply Physics

Whatever happened to Rick Roberts of Simply Physics and Esoteric Ear in Houston? Is he stll in business?
I don't know where Rick Roberts is or the fate of his company. I have not spoken to him in a long time.

His expensive black V2 Decoupler with stainless steel insert is still my reference footer. Used with my Soundlab U1 speakers, amp stands and subs.

I did not like the less expensive feet such as the ToneCones and Vinylex Pods, but surprised that his company is gone, if that is indeed the case.
Rick's retail store (Esoteric Ear) closed several years ago. The last time I saw him he was designing web pages and similar computer based activities (about one year ago). I do not think he is still operating Simply Physics, but I am unsure of this.
I knew Rick since 1988. He had left Houston after the Esoteric Ear closed but he came back and tried to reopen it in the exact same place, since all the wiring was still in the walls; however, that failed too. At the bitter end in 2012, Rick was building and selling SimplyPhysics product out of a motel room in west Houston. He moved to Key West and I never heard from him again.
My last RR sighting was at RMAF around 2006 or ‘07 I believe. He was living in Key West and having a look around. Believe he was still trying to list SP products on various sell sights. Had a few industry folks comment that he’d looked better. Man, his candle sure did burn bright for a while . . .

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