SIMPLY AMAZING: Coda Technologies 07x Preamplifier

I have in-house Coda Technologies 07x preamplifier, which is the latest iteration of their '0' series linestages.  Very briefly, over the last seven years I have had over five solid state preamplifiers, price range was between 4K to 20K, in for auditioning in my system.  They were quite good, but lacked what my tube based linestages had to offer.  The solid state pieces were wickedly transparent, micro-detailed, tight accurate bass extension, and had great overall dynamics.  However, they lacked the organic timbres/tonality, 3D imaging, and the ability to create a sense of space between the players that my tube based preamplifiers produced in my system. 

So, I was concerned that based on my personal preferences that the Coda 07x might not be my "sonic cup of tea".  Boy was I wrong!  Besides, the superlative build quality, starting with the double-sided gold-plated circuit boards, and the sane prices Coda charges compared to other much more insanely priced gear, the 07x is priced at $6'500, this preamplifier has patiently shocked me regarding it might be the best synthesis between what solid state offers (transparency-clarity/low frequency extension-control/micro-details/speed-dynamics) and the best of what tubes have to offer (pristine timbres-tonality-color/holographic imaging/three-dimensional sound-staging with a sense of air around the individual instruments).

Coda always, at least in the America "flies under the radar" compared to other US manufacturers, but based on performance, build quality, and  smart evolved engineering they offer cutting edge equipment at reasonable prices that deserve to be heard by more music lovers. I'll get into all the little details in my review on the performance of the 07x, but for right now if you are thinking about purchasing a solid state linestage, consider giving Doug Dale a call to hear this very special piece.
@teajay  How would you compare the 07x to the Aric audio motherlode Mk2  (which you also reviewed) ?
The Coda 07x is a great unit. I had tried it out in my system with various amps but I found the best combo was when I paired it with my Line Magnetic LM-508ia. It enhanced the entire presentation of sound. 
davkobza  -  i wanted to learn about your amp, and among other things, i found this; you may want to investigate...

doug s.
I now have a CODA 07x in the house and have some issues I would like to get cleared up. Since today is Sat and Mon is the day I can call CODA I thought I would ask here.

1) What is the manufacturer to select when setting up the remote. Though I now see the remote is working even though the test part in the setup failed. I am wondering if I have every feature available on the remote.

2) How do you turn off the unit. I do not see a power on of off button on the 07x. I tried the ON and OFF on the remote but that also did not power off or send to standby.

3) I had an unusual situation last night when I played my DAC on Balanced 1 and had my Tuner on Balanced 2. The music on Balanced 1 would leak onto Balanced 2. I noticed this when I was manually changing stations with a rotary dial on the tuner. I need to test this out with 2 DACs on 1 and 2 but that will be done later since I need to unplug some things to do so.

The unit does sound great. I wish the preamp had a trigger switch to power on my amp from standby. 

1. The remote control comes from Coda pre-programmed. At least this one did. This one is a universal brand mc-450. 2. There is no on/off switch. The only option is a mute function, that sadly, is only operated via remote. 3. Yes, I have noticed the source bleed as well. Shutting off the one source when using the other cures this. At least on this one it did.