Simplifying my 2.1 living room setup

I'm going down to a simple bookshelf speaker/subwoofer setup in my living room after a Peachtree Nova/Ohm Walsh setup for years. I'm looking to spend around $350 on an amp/receiver and have the following requirements:
Inputs for-
Wii U
Macbook using Audirvana

Not really interested in surround sound/5.1 right now at all, just 2.1 with a Velodyne sub. Some concern about matching up the videogames/bluray audio playback with the visuals, as I know that can be an issue.

The Sony 850 sounds about right but is there going to be any appreciable difference in sound quality between that and something like a Marantz Integrated? I’ll be using cheap bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer now but if I spend a few hundred on better speakers will the Sony hold them back?
Other suggestions for how to both future proof my system but not break the bank would be great. Sound quality for music is important to me, and I do think I'd take advantage of Wifi/bluetooth/Spotify options.

Opinions, advice and suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
I believe you can pick up a Marantz 5004 which has been replaced by the 5005. It comes highly recommended in its price range and has a phonostage. Should be able to find one under $350.