Simplification of HT & 2 Channel System

I'm tired of all the seperates and want to greatly simplify my HT & Music system in my home office. The acoustics don't merit the hi-end seperates I currently have.
I'm looking for a great receiver that may fit the bill. I have an 13' x 17' office with vaulted cieling and wood floors. Equipment - Pioneer Elite PRO1000HD Plasma, Pioneer Elite DV-38A DVD, B&W N803, HTM-1, B&W In Cieling rears for 5.1 system. Need something that has component video switching and enough power to adequately drive the speakers etc... Your recommendations are appreciated.... Jerry
This is funny! It appears no one wants to touch this. I mean you shouldn't really run those speakers with a receiver. Why not just sell it all and start over?! Otherwise, it's just not functional/practical it seems.
I've read great things about the EAD TheatreMaster pre-pro, but you'd need to add power to that. Most reviews I read people really feel receivers can't do the job of the dedicated components. As for myself, I'm keeping my mid-fi home theater gear, and buying a good integrated amp with HT passthrough to hook it into. This way I have fewer components, but still had a pure Audiophile path for CD listening.
which mid fi receivers would you recommend?