Simple tweak improves playback Raysonic 128/168

I was reading an article in an audio mag this morning about light penetrating the laser area of a CD player negatively effects the laser's focus. It got me thinking about all the light that enters the well of the 128/168, at least in a well lit room.

I had a planter bottom that fit over the entire well extrusion, and completely blocked the light from entering, but was light weight so as not to create its own issues. The improvement is unquestionable. Without the cover in place, the music sounds washed out. Think how a photograph looks when the aperture is too wide for the lighting conditions. With the cover in place, the music has more tonal color, musical texture and weight!

A simple factory solution would be to replace the clear acrylic, with dark acrylic that has a high UV reflectivity, similar to window tinting. Indeed my first thought, was to go to a tint shop and have them cut a piece to size, but it's Memorial day. Anyway, employing a cover made for a quick and reversible test.
I'm already getting the sound from my CD 128 that you're getting after the
tweak, so something's odd. The last thing I'd call it is washed out -- sounds
very warm and liquid to me right now. Any more would be overkill :-)

EDIT: Tried it, could hear no difference.