Simple System for a Super Senior?

I'm wanting to put together a system for my 80+ year old dad. The requirements of the system (CD, AM/FM) are: under 2K (used OK), easy to operate, remote comtrol, small foot print for speakers, cool running. The tonality should probably error on the side of brightness, as there's some hearing loss involved here. Considerations to this point are an Arcam Solo, Linn Music Classik and (your suggestion here.) Other thoughts are along the lines of an NAD receiver and Oppo player. Not sure about the speakers; have entertained some Totem Arros or Quad 22L's. Mind you...the man has never owned a high end or mid-fi set up, and he positively drools when he visits and listens to my system. Time for him to have this kind of joy in his home. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Buy something new from a reputable dealer. Can't go wrong with anything you mention as long as the service /support is available.

What is in your system that he drools over? Just get him something that resembles what he has seen and heard and liked and that you can help him learn to operate properly without issue.

If you think hearing loss may be a problem, consider only more efficient speaks, like Klipsch, etc. The smaller less expensive models in the Klipsch reference line cost only a few hundred and sound great even when I've heard them on fairly standard electronics at BEst Buy.
Look at the Music Hall Trio. An all-in-one setup but i have the MH CD25.2 and like the sound
Music Hall is a very good choice also from what I have heard.
I've found that one of the keys with introducing technology to seniors is getting the best possible ease of use. As people get older, it's very difficult for them to learn a new system for doing things. When my folks' VCR died several years ago, I was willing to pay more to get it fixed than a new one cost just because I knew they'd have trouble learning to operate a new one.
Kudos to you and to dad; music really enriches one's life. I would recommend the NAD music system, with the integral CD player. It's at the bottom of the page here:

Only $500.00 sans speakers. Hook up some nice, sensitive speakers by Paradigm or PSB and dad is on his way! High end for under $1000.00.

Best of luck with this project.
By the way, kudos to you also for looking out for your Dad. Sounds like he is a music lover and this should be one of the most rewarding investments you can make.

Just keep it care free and enjoyable, as recommended.

I would think he would be very happy with the Solo and a nice pair of Monitors and decent speaker wire. You could do all this within your budget. I appreciate the fact you are wanting to give back to your Dad, I wish mine were still around to do the same.
I'd get a vintage Marantz or Sansui receiver with approx. 100 WPC ($400 used), an Arcam CD73 ($500 used) & Dynaudio 52SE's ($900). Use the remaining $200 on Kimber 4TC speaker cables and PBJ IC's
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For simple, compact, reasonable sound systems I would add the 3-piece table top systems from JVC or Denon. Don't know model numbers but I've heard both and they can offer surprisingly balanced sound for under $1K. And a big plus, they are easy to operate. Don't sell them short if you've never heard one.
I've got the MH trio but when it came to a senior, I bought my aunt a denon all in one. The quality crushes the competition such as yamaha. It is all one small box, with either cd or dvd and tuner. I'd go for the dvd built in for I think $999. The only thing that should be added is a $120 yamaha sub hidden in the corner.
Hearing goes with age. Don't waste a bundle on the higher resolution stuff that can not be appreciated. Mids and a sub are what count. Most of all, a simple remote counts the most.
I nominate a Music Hall CDeiver or similar all-in-one CD player/receiver (others available from NAD, Philips, and others) with (of course) unified remote, plus nice stand-mounted speakers such as the PSB Image 25's, Paradigm Studio 20's, or similar that fits the budget.
I purchased the Arcam Mini Solo and love its ease of use and sound. Suprisingly good sound. Paired it with Dynaudio 42s and it sings. Remote is simple enough and unit is very stylish and compact.
Underwood has an April Music one box system that Walter is offering with Epos speakers for two grand. No experience of it , but looks intriguing. might be worth giving Walter a call.

Nice to hear about you and your father.:)

One thing to consider also is the layout of the remote or the ability to replace the remote with a programmable unit. Seniors usually have less than ideal eyesight and arthritis. Large remotes with large buttons and simple controls may be more user friendly in this instance. Given that large button telephones and other such products are available for these reasons, I would think that someone has come up with a large button remote. If not, there is a real project that could be of value.
I have an NAD Receiver C 715. $500.00 I am actually running Klipsch Quartets with this little receiver 25 watts. You can get some smaller Klipsch speakers w/ horns in them fairly inexpensive. The unit sounds great, has a CD player, sub out, tape loop for recording, audio in and out, aux in, remote control, usb, phones, mb, AM FM, bass and treble controls, radio text scrolling the station and name of song and artist, and more! Try to get speakers w/ 92 or more sound pressure level.
Here's a screaming deal. One of those that I'd be kicking myself if I passed up.

Denon DF-101s
Ever think about headphones? I put a set on my dad when he was in his mid 70's and he just loved them! He was amazed! Wish he was still around to enjoy them. Best of luck in your quest.