Simple, small footprint tube preamp ?

Please be kind. I'm pretty ignorant about computer audio. My source is a laptop, into a Sabre DAC, to the amplifiers. 
I'm wondering if there is a more simple, small footprint tube preamp that could be set on my desk near the laptop? I'd prefer to be able to tube roll, but know NOTHING about this really. I'd prefer to spend less that $500, but $1000 is okay. Normal sized chassis will not work in my application. Kits are okay too. Thank you
@ atmasphere, are you saying I should use you amp as a preamp?
@ oldhvymec, I apologize for my ignorance, but you lost me.
I may not have made myself very clear. I should have said, I am inquiring about the really small, and cheap tube preamps like sold on Amazon under $100. These pretty much fit in your hand almost. I'm wondering if there is anything like these, only truly well made with quality parts? They are perfect for a laptop system, in size.
Hi, flaxxer.
Check out the Schiit Saga+ as mlsstl suggested.
atmasphere and hvy are simply having a friendly side chat.
Check out a Conrad-Johnson PV10 B pre amp.  It fits your criteria.
I’m a proud owner of an Audio Note system, and today I bought a Musical Paradise tube amp for 450 dollars as a back up amp. Bought NOS tubes on eBay and Upscale Audio for a total of 680 dollars. I’m pretty exited as a sound engineer told me two days ago it was fantastic.
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