Simple set up but difficult for the ignorance

Currently in the process of building a dedicated 2 channel audio room and decided to add 5.1 HT channel. My Conrad Johnson Preamp has a theatre bypass and as such I can make use of the front speakers as my left and right HT speaker. Can I make use of my Denon AVR to power the centre speaker as well as the surround speakers. If so how do I connect the wiring?Also which is the better set up configuration : putting rack behind front speakers and use a long HDMI cable (abt 30ft long) to connect to Projector or putting rack at the side of my couch and connect a long interconnect to the CJ preamp? Your assistance is much appreciated. Happy listening
Hook up the reciever pre out for left and right fronts into the bypass input on your Conrad Johnson and front speakers are all set. Hook up center and all surround as regular to the rciever and calibrate sound levels and enjoy.
As far as the rack issue make sure you check the specs for HDMI to make sure it can hold the 30ft signal in stride but that is probably easier and cheaper than looking into long and good interconnects.
Look at Blue Jean cable or Mono Price cables online for cheap HDMI, dont get suckered into expensive boutique HDMI cables.......these more than most cables dont make much difference. I have a 15ft cheap HDMI going to my Projector and it looks fantastic. Email if you need any further clarification or help. Cheers
Chadnliz, I suspect so. I m wondering whether my 2yrs+ old Denon 3805 AVR 7.1 with 120watts is good enough to power the center n surround speakers. Is considering using Denon as a processor and buying a used multichannel amp. Unfortunately hardly any 240V multichannel amp in audiogon. With multiple channel amp how many more interconect I need & connections? Also wld it be a prob if I use diff brand speaker for my center & surround speakers eg KEF HT 9000 ACE. Any matching issue? I find the new von schweikert center speaker prohibitively expensive to match my frt VR4SR. Any feedbk is appreciated. TQ
I have used un-matched speakers before and its hit and miss so just try and see,,,for movies its much easier to get away with than multi channel music. As for amp you would need 2 Seperate or 1 pair each per amp channel. Example 3 channels (Center, surround left and surround Right you need 6 single RCA wires or 3 Pairs). My friend has a Von S center used with the VR4 if it didnt sell in auction I will see if he has it and what he was just on auction last week. Cheers
TQ for the offer. Is that the 1 on audiogon with supertweeter VR LCR 15? I m afraid shipping charge from USA will be prohibitive. Anyway no harm knowing abt the offer? tq for your assistant