Simple, Reliable DVD Player

Hello to everyone,

I'm looking for a simple, reliable DVD player for my wife's upstairs TV. I don't need anything fancy, just something that will last a while in a video only (no external speakers) application. My recent FAILURES (all lasted less than one year) include: (1) Marantz DV-6200; (2)Pioneer Elite DV-45A and; (3) Samsung HD-841. I would be hoping to pay no more than $250 new or used. I value the opinions of this community and would like to hear from you. BTW, if you have something for sale that would work, don't be bashful about letting me know when you respond to this thread. Thanks!
Go Sony. Their user interface is light-years beyond anybody else in my experience, and I've used their DVD products continuously for a good five or six years now with no troubles whatsoever. The picture and convenience features only seem to get better as time goes by, too. The ES line is more expensive but the build quality is tough to beat.
a $49 toshiba from costco with progressive scan.